How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Pest control is a service where – like everything else – you want to get maximum benefit at the lowest cost possible. The company you chose may depend on the problem you have or where you live. But in the end, it may all come down to how much money you can or are willing to spend each month to keep your home pest-free.

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Is Pest Control Worth Doing?

One of the first questions to consider when considering pest control is whether it’s worth it. If you haven’t seen a problem, you may think you can get by without it – but that’s simply not true. While cost may be your biggest deterrent, over the long haul you will realize pest control is worth the investment.

You should consider it as a maintenance cost. You may not have a pest control problem now, but you don’t want to wait until one shows up. Once you realize there’s an infestation, it may be so large, the treatment and eradication could be very costly. Termite damage for instance can cost several thousand dollars. First you have to get rid of them and then you have to replace the wood they’ve damaged. So, a few hundred dollars a year for prevention can be a very good investment.

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If you choose the DIY route over hiring a professional, there are several products on the market to help you address pest problems in your home. Sprays, traps, and other remedies can be bought at big box retailers and lawn equipment stores. There are also companies, like Pestie and Sunday, where you basically become your own exterminator. You subscribe to their online service, and they’ll send you the products and everything you need to apply them and you do it yourself.

Sometimes, the biggest problem with DIY methods is unless you are an expert in pests – you may not know what you’re treating. Pest control companies train their technicians to know the pests native to the area they service, how to quickly identify them, and the best technique to eliminate them. The regular service will also keep pests from showing up in the first place.

How Much Are Initial Service Fees?

Most pest control companies will charge you an initial service fee to cover the cost of the first treatment. The first pest control treatment is very thorough. It covers the inside and outside of your home. The technician will generally treat around your baseboards, inside cabinets and closets, drains and sinks, your attic, the basement, the crawl space, the outside eaves, and the perimeter of your home, and make recommendations of how you can lower the chance of pests making their way inside your property.

Costs vary but you can usually expect to pay between $150 and $400 for the initial service fee. This will be in addition to your yearly cost for pest control once you sign up.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost Per Month?

The price varies based on the service and location, but based on our research, the national average for a general pest control plan will run around $50 a month or $150 a quarter. You will find services that cost more and some that cost less. If you add on treatment for bed bugs, termites, or mosquitoes, the cost will go up.

Several factors influence the cost of pest control – the biggest one being location. When you call a pest control company, the first question most customer service representatives will ask you is your address or zip code and the quote they give you will be based on that. The size of your home, the type of pests, where they are located and the level of infestation, and the number of treatments you want or need can all factor into the price you end up paying for the service.

How Much Are Termite Inspections?

Termites are a pest you do not want. They feed on wood and before you realize it, they can cause significant structural damage that can end up costing several thousand dollars in eradication and repair. That’s why preventive measures are so important.

If you schedule a termite inspection with a pest control company, you can expect the technician to spend between one and two hours surveying your home and surrounding property. They’ll check inside and outside of your home looking for visible signs of termites. Inside, the technician will look at your baseboards, crawl spaces, door frames, inside cabinets and closets, walls, and windows. Outside, they’ll be looking at the eaves, foundation, and walls.

At the end of the inspection, the pest control specialist will tell you what has been found and make recommendations to you. If termites are found, you’ll want to act quickly. But even if there aren’t signs of termites, you still would be wise to sign up for termite treatments.

Terminix is one of the few companies that offers free termite inspections. Most other pest control companies will charge you for an inspection and that cost usually runs between $75 and $200. The price will generally depend on your location and how big your home and lot are.

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How Much Is Termite Treatment?

Once you have a termite inspection, you’ll then likely decide if you want to have your home treated for termites. What treatment is applied will depend on whether termites were found during the inspection.

Liquid and foam sprays are often used around the perimeter of your home as a preventive measure. The sprays kill termites on contact and keep them from getting inside your home. Bait stations may also be placed in the ground and around your home to lure termites and kill off the colony. Bait stations can be used as a preventative measure, as well as treatment for the presence of termites.

If you have a serious infestation, your home may require fumigation. Your property will be tented and a substance that can penetrate all wood surfaces will be released to kill all the termites.

Termite treatments can range between $400 and $1200 a year and will come with an annual inspection by your technician. This cost will generally cover preventive measures or small signs of termites. If you have a large infestation, it can cost between $2000 and $9000 – depending on the square footage of your home.

How Much Is Mosquito Control?

Depending on where you live, mosquito control will likely be a seasonal service. Mosquitoes usually come out any time between March and November and female mosquitoes look for stagnant water or damp soil to establish their breeding grounds. So it’s really important to eliminate any standing water around your property, keep your drains and gutters clear, and keep your yard and pool maintained. 

But even taking those steps will not get rid of mosquitoes, so if you or your family members are prone to be bitten, then you’ll likely want to invest in mosquito control. The price will likely depend on how large your property is. The price can start as low as $80 a treatment, but you can expect to pay, on average, between $300 and $600 over the course of mosquito ‘season.’

Can I Cancel A Pest Control Contract?

There may be times when you decide you want to cancel your pest control service or change companies. The question then becomes can you do so without a penalty? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. It depends on the company you have and the service you’re receiving.

If you sign up for ongoing service, you’ll want to make sure you fully understand the cancellation policy with your pest control company before you sign the contract. 


Orkin generally requires a one-year contract for general pest control. After your one year is up, Orkin asks that you send them a letter giving 30-days notice to cancel the service.


Many Terminix contracts are open-ended, so you can cancel your service at any time by phone or on the company website. Your refund will depend on what services you have and when in the cancellation period you made the request. Terminix may still charge you a termination fee between $50 and $100, an equipment removal fee or any prorated costs from unused services.


Ehrlich doesn’t require a contract if you participate in its PestFree365 program. It covers more than 30 pests, and you can cancel at any time.

Western Exterminator, Western Pest and Presto-X are all part of the Ehrlich family and will have the same terms for the service.


Hawx has quarterly or bi-monthly service contracts with its customers. And depending on where you are in the service contract, you may be charged up to $200 to cancel.

Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen doesn’t require a contract. So, you can cancel the service any time without a penalty.

There are a few consumer protection laws to keep in mind when it comes to pest control contracts:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Cooling-Off Rule
    • The Cooling-Off Rule gives you three days to cancel certain sales made at your home or workplace. So, if you sign a contract with a pest control company for ongoing, future services and you change your mind within 72 hours, you can cancel the service with no penalty. Depending on the state you live in, you may have more than three days or more protection. You can call the company to cancel, but it’s best to mail in a letter postmarked within the 72-hour period.
  • Relocation
    • If you’re moving and your pest control company doesn’t service that particular area, you can cancel your contract without penalty. When you call to cancel, ask the company to send you written confirmation.
  • Change in Terms of Service
    • Sometimes, companies will change their terms of service. If the change is big enough it affects the value of the service, you can end the contract early without a penalty.

How Much Is Pest Control Per Year?

Pest control is fairly specific to the customer. The amount can vary based on the company you choose, where you live and the service you subscribe to. You should expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $1000 a year for an annual contract or service plan. 

Should I Tip The Exterminator?

It isn’t customary to tip your exterminator or pest control technician and some companies won’t allow their employees to accept tips anyway. But if the company does allow it, you might want to consider it in these circumstances:

  • If your technician has been courteous and professional
  • If the job was large or complicated
  • If the technician came to your house after hours, around the holidays or during bad weather
  • If you think the technician has gone above and beyond the call of duty

On average, you should consider between $10-$20. If the job is large, like sealing off your home from critters or disposing of dead pests, you can always give more. You don’t always have to tip with money. You can also offer your technicians food or drink, write a review on Google or send a written note about them to the company or their supervisor.

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There are also instances when you should not tip:

  • If the pest control technician has been rude or unprofessional
  • If you’re charged more than you were quoted
  • If your problem still remains after the job is finished
  • If your property has been damaged or left untidy
  • And, of course, if the technician says he/she isn’t allowed to accept tips because of company policy

What Is An Initial Assessment?

When you inquire about new service with a pest control company, they will likely want to schedule an initial assessment – which is a thorough inspection of your home, both inside and out. The company will set up a time for a technician to come to your home and you will need to be there since they will need access to the inside.

There generally isn’t much prep work involved in an initial assessment, but it is a good idea to clean up in your kitchen and bathrooms and make sure entry points like doors and windows are clear.

When the technician arrives, they’ll introduce themselves, confirm your name and explain what they will be doing for you. This is also a good time for you to tell them about any concerns you may have or what you’ve seen crawling around your home.

The inspection inside will likely begin with the areas of concern you’ve seen and have mentioned. The pest control expert will then check cabinets, under sinks, inside closets, and around doors and windows. Your drains and sinks, in both the kitchen and bathrooms, will also require inspection. Moisture attracts many pests, so if there are damp or humid conditions inside your home it can lead to pest problems. The technician will also want to inspect your attic, and basement if you have one, since these are both areas where pests gain entry into your home.

The pest control professional will then move outside. They’ll check your crawl space, your foundation, and your yard. They’ll look for standing water where pests can flourish and cracks or holes where they can gain entrance inside.

Once the assessment is complete, your technician may go to their vehicle. They are likely writing down their assessment in a way that can be easy for you to read and understand. Once they’re finished with their report, the specialist should take time to go over it with you, explaining what they’ve found and their recommendations for treatment going forward. Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this time and make sure you get an answer that suits you. Your technician will likely perform their first treatment after the assessment is finished.

Terminix, Ehrlich, Western Exterminator, Western Pest Services, Truly Nolen, Presto-X, Hawx and Aptive all offer free inspections. Orkin does not. At the end of the initial assessment, you’ll have to decide the plan that’s right for you and your home, and that will include an estimate of how much it will cost.

The Wrap Up

Using professional pest control services can be costly, but it’s generally a necessary expense. Dealing with bugs of any kind is not something you can delay. The longer you wait, the more chance of an infestation – which can end up being even more expensive. When it comes to pests – it’s important to consider them as part of the routine maintenance on your home and take preventative steps to keep them from moving in.

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