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Common Pests in Washington

Residents of Washington, District of Columbia, may encounter various pests that can disrupt their daily lives and property. One pest commonly found in the area is the notorious bed bug. These tiny, blood-sucking insects can infest homes, hotels, and even public transportation, causing uncomfortable bites and sleepless nights. Another common pest is the persistent cockroach, which can quickly multiply and spread disease-causing bacteria. Additionally, residents may face challenges posed by rodents, such as mice and rats, which can damage structures, contaminate food, and transmit harmful pathogens.

To address these pest issues and ensure a safe living environment, it is recommended that residents seek professional pest control services. Pest control experts can employ effective techniques to eliminate and prevent infestations, providing tailored solutions to meet each household's unique needs. Regular inspections and treatments can help residents maintain a pest-free home, protecting their health and preserving the integrity of their property.

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I have a bi-level home w/ ENORMOUS WOLF SPIDERS in my garage that connects to my bottom living room, while we have not completely eradicated the issue yet, my reason for leaving a review is really about my technician, Dominique Day. He is amazing. He is so friendly, helpful, professional, and always on time. I think he deserves recognition from leadership. I will continue to use Ehrlich, even though we haven not fully resolved my spider issue, because of Dominique.

Keah P.via Google

Second time using Ehrlich's. Rick was pleasant, personable and informative.

Cindy L.via Google

My service tech is awesome. He makes sure my home is pest free. Only thing I don’t care for is the scheduling tool they have moved to. Sometimes a 2-3 day notice isn’t the most convenient to schedule around. It would be ideal if when my service tech was leaving we could discuss a mutually convenient time to schedule ahead.

Patty P.via Google

We had Chris today who can by and he was so polite and great. Actually, all of the people from your company that came by were excellent! We also had another guy named Darrell that came by a few months ago and he was just so knowledgeable and just a great guy! Please let them know that they did a really awesome job! Thank you!!!

Sara B.via Google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
2790 Kaverton Rd, Forestville, MD 20747
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David Lee services my location. He is a hard worker professional . Great person to work with he does everything in his power to make sure the he cover every area inside and outside. He never leaves area uncheck. He also check with me to find out if we have any problems in the building or in the offices areas. He is the best !!

Barbara R. via google

Mike was very pleasant and professional. He didnt mind explaining the process and worked diligently to make sure I was pleased. I would definitely recommend his service. Thanks Orkin for having such a pleasant member of your company working with the community.

Wanda E. via google

Orkin has provided great care to our house over the years. Douglas has been supporting us through our maintenance program with great responsiveness and guidance on the various insects that have passed through our house. ??

Gregory W. via google

There good if something you ask the tech. can you do this they are more than willing do accommodate again if you ask can i get a few extra glue pads not a problem and the tech. will put the pest control where you like it. All in All decent exterminators…. Also I’m not a not nasty person that keeps my home in a nasty funky matter so thattttt makes it much easier when they arrive continue to improve more tactics to the bugs. Thanks Steven Moon

Stephen M. via google

Every week they come to my office and if I have any concerns they make sure to address them. I love how they think ahead with mouse traps because there is a lot of digging next door to us for a car wash and not a single issue yet. So grateful to these guys!

Jennifer H. via google
Critter Control
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Critter Control, Wildlife Service Technician Mr. Antonio Lopez IV 571-407-1544

Vicky T. via yelp

Critter Control, Wildlife Service Technician Mr. Antonio Lopez IV 571-407-1544

Vicky T. via yelp

Took care of our problem the first time we called them, but then launch failure when we called a few years later. Promised to have someone call us back within the hour twice but never happened.

Lee F. via yelp

8/20/20 A few days ago I saw a groundhog eating green grass and minding it's own business on the school property of Luther Jackson Middle School. Evidently a family of groundhog has made its home on the school grounds. I have seen the cute animal in different areas of the football fields. Evidently the green grass and the water source makes this area a hot commodity. Today; however, all this has come to an end. I saw to bages with black bags to hold these animals. I don't know if they are alive or dead, but one way or another they are being transferred off of school grounds. How many groundhogs were living on school property? I do not know. The guy I met who seemed to be the manager said "the groundhogs would be transferred." Yeah, but to where? I enjoyed seeing some wildlife other than humans and dogs. It saddens me I won't see more of these furry little guys. Aside from this, the Critter Control d ij d their jobs.

John F. via yelp

Technican arrived on time and did a great job, but the price was high for the amount of work done.

Erick M. via yelp
Our Rating: 4.5/5
9475 Lottsford Rd, Suite 165, Largo, MD 20774
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Since Ahmed Young started coming to exterminate my property, it has been an amazing experience. He would notify me the day before his arrival, notify when he's on my property. He's always very respectful, courteous and going above and beyond to ensure I am satisfied. His coming to our home has been a game changer & will certainly help us keep the Terminix account.

NJay E. via google

The technician is always helpful and contacts us in advance of his visit to our home. He asks questions about our needs before and after he completes his work and explains clearly what he did, what he found and next treatment.

Jackie G. via google

I’m not usually one to write negative reviews, but I was very disappointed recently. I cancelled my service through an agent on the main Terminix number (found a local company that does a better job), yet they still sent out a tech and charged me for it, even when I specifically asked if the upcoming appointment would be cancelled. The tech has been courteous for 3 years of service and the effectiveness has been decent. Just frustrating customer service can’t be trusted to fulfill a request!

Erika L. via google

Very professional technician and customer service. They explained everything I needed to know before the service , during and after the treatment. The technician texted me to let me know the exact time she would arrive, I could even track the car so no surprises and having to stop whatever you’re doing at the moment. I can finally have peace of mind knowing who to call if pests ever come back. I would recommend this company. They definitely are the best.

Lisandro G. via google

My technician was awesome. He called me to let me know that he was going to be delayed because of his previous client. I really appreciated him letting me know and he showed at my house at the exact time that he said he would. Very nice, helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you.

Pauletta H. via google

Pest Control Pricing & Services

When it comes to pest control in Washington, D.C., there are several factors and considerations that can affect the price of the service. The price table provides estimates for different categories and attributes related to pest control.

For service type, the cost varies depending on whether it is a one-time treatment, ongoing maintenance, or emergency services. One-time treatments range from $153.96 to $359.24, while ongoing maintenance can cost between $30.79 and $102.64. Emergency services, on the other hand, range from $205.28 to $513.19.

Property size is another factor to consider. Small properties (less than 1,000 sq ft) can be treated for $153.96 to $256.60, while medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 sq ft) may cost between $205.28 and $410.56. Large properties (over 2,000 sq ft) have a wider range, with prices ranging from $359.24 to $718.47.

The location of the property also affects the price. Urban areas tend to have higher costs, ranging from $256.60 to $410.56, while suburban areas range from $205.28 to $359.24. Rural areas have the lowest prices, ranging from $153.96 to $307.92.

The extent of infestation is another consideration. Minor infestations can be treated for $153.96 to $256.60, while moderate infestations range from $256.60 to $410.56. Severe infestations have the highest costs, ranging from $410.56 to $718.47.

Other factors such as the age of the property and the type of treatment required can also affect the price. Newer properties may have lower costs, starting from $0.00 and going up to $51.32. Older properties have similar price ranges. The type of treatment, whether it's standard, fumigation, or heat treatment, can range from $0.00 to $359.24.

It's important to note that these prices are estimates and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each pest control situation. Consulting with a local pest control exterminator in Washington, D.C. is recommended to get a more accurate and personalized quote.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $153.96 $256.60 $359.24
Ongoing maintenance $30.79 $66.72 $102.64
Emergency services $205.28 $359.24 $513.19
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $153.96 $205.28 $256.60
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $205.28 $307.92 $410.56
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $359.24 $513.19 $718.47
Urban Location $256.60 $333.58 $410.56
Suburban Location $205.28 $282.26 $359.24
Rural Location $153.96 $230.94 $307.92
Minor Infestation $153.96 $205.28 $256.60
Moderate Infestation $256.60 $333.58 $410.56
Severe Infestation $410.56 $564.51 $718.47
Fumigation $102.64 $205.28 $307.92
Heat treatment $153.96 $256.60 $359.24

Year Round Pest Control in Washington

Washington, D.C., is a bustling city known for its historical landmarks, vibrant culture, and diverse neighborhoods. However, like any urban area, it is not immune to pest problems. That's why it is crucial for residents and businesses to seek professional pest control services throughout the year.

Pest control services are essential in Washington, D.C., to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment. Here is why pest control is important throughout the year:

  • January: Rodents seek shelter from the cold, making it crucial to identify and eliminate any entry points.
  • February: Termites start swarming, and early detection is key to preventing costly damage to structures.
  • March: With spring approaching, ants become more active and require immediate attention to prevent infestations.
  • April: Bees and wasps begin building nests, posing a threat to residents, especially those with allergies.
  • May: Mosquitoes start breeding, and proper control measures are necessary to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • June: Bed bugs thrive in warmer weather, making it crucial to identify and treat infestations promptly.
  • July: Flies become more prevalent, posing a risk to hygiene and food safety.
  • August: Cockroaches thrive in the summer heat, necessitating effective control measures to prevent infestations.
  • September: Spiders become more noticeable, and professional pest control can help manage populations.
  • October: As temperatures cool, rodents seek warmer shelter, making this month crucial for prevention and control.
  • November: Outdoor pests such as squirrels and raccoons often seek refuge indoors, requiring proper exclusion techniques.
  • December: Rodents remain active during the winter, making ongoing pest control efforts essential.
  • Pest control services in Washington, D.C., are vital year-round to protect homes, businesses, and public health. By partnering with a reputable local pest control expert, residents and businesses can ensure a pest-free environment and peace of mind.

    You Defense Against Pests in Washington

    What measures do professionals take for long-term pest control?


    Professionals in Washington, District of Columbia take several measures for long-term pest control. This may include regular inspections, implementing preventive measures, sealing entry points, using environmentally-friendly treatments, and providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the effectiveness of pest control efforts.

    How can I use cleaning as a natural pest control method?


    Cleaning regularly is an effective natural pest control method. In Washington, DC, homeowners should focus on keeping their living spaces clean and clutter-free to deter pests. Vacuuming regularly, sweeping up crumbs, and wiping down surfaces can help eliminate potential food sources for pests. Additionally, sealing any cracks or openings in walls and windows can prevent pests from entering the home.

    Should I consider the activities and routines of pests when scheduling pest control?


    When scheduling pest control in Washington, D.C., it is important to consider the activities and routines of pests. This helps in determining the most effective timing for treatment, ensuring maximum efficiency in eliminating pests from your home.

    Can Irish Spring soap be used in outdoor areas to repel spiders?


    Irish Spring soap is not proven to repel spiders in outdoor areas. While some people believe that the scent of the soap might deter spiders, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. It is recommended to seek professional pest control advice for effective spider prevention and control in the Washington, District of Columbia area.

    Do bugs prefer dirty or clean environments?


    In Washington, D.C., bugs do not have a preference for dirty or clean environments. They can thrive in both conditions. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to maintain cleanliness and practice effective pest control measures to prevent infestations.

    What exterminator offers 24/7 emergency services?


    One exterminator in Washington, D.C. that offers 24/7 emergency services is available for homeowners in need of immediate pest control assistance. They provide round-the-clock support to address urgent infestations and ensure timely resolution to protect the residents and property.

    Local Washington Resources

    Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States, offers a range of local resources to assist residents with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues. The city and state have established several organizations that can provide guidance and support in dealing with these challenges.

    For pest control, residents can turn to the Department of Energy & Environment's Pest Control Services. They offer information on common pests found in the area, as well as guidance on prevention and treatment options. Additionally, the Washington, D.C. Pest Control Board regulates and licenses pest control companies operating within the city, ensuring a certain level of professionalism and expertise.

    When it comes to wildlife and animal control, the Humane Rescue Alliance is a valuable resource. They offer assistance with dealing with nuisance wildlife, such as raccoons or squirrels, and provide humane solutions to resolve conflicts between humans and animals. Residents can reach them at (202) 636-3000 for guidance and support.

    Invasive plant and animal issues are addressed by the National Park Service's Exotic Plant Management Team and the District's Department of Energy & Environment. These organizations work to prevent the spread of invasive species that can harm native flora and fauna. For any concerns regarding invasive species, residents can contact the Exotic Plant Management Team at (202) 895-6000 or the Department of Energy & Environment at (202) 535-2600.

    These local resources aim to assist Washington, D.C. residents in effectively managing and mitigating pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal issues. Remember, seeking professional advice and assistance is crucial to ensure these challenges are addressed in a safe and responsible manner.

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