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Common Pest Problems

Residents of Columbus, Ohio, may encounter a range of pests that can disrupt their daily lives. One common issue faced by homeowners is the presence of ants. These tiny insects can invade your kitchen, pantry, and even your yard, causing annoyance and potential damage. Additionally, residents may also come across spiders, especially the brown recluse and black widow species, which can pose a risk to humans with their venomous bites. Mosquitoes are another prevalent concern, particularly during the warm summer months when they thrive and can ruin outdoor activities. These blood-sucking pests not only leave itchy welts but can also transmit diseases such as West Nile virus.

To protect your home and family from these unwanted guests, it is advisable to consider professional pest control services. Experts in the field can not only help identify the root causes of infestations but also develop effective strategies to eliminate and prevent them. Their knowledge of the local pest population and their habits allows them to tailor treatment plans specifically to the Columbus area, ensuring the most efficient and long-lasting results. With their assistance, residents can reclaim their homes from these bothersome pests and enjoy peace of mind.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
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Great! Showed up on time, very professional and kind. Did a great job!

via angieslist

Overall we would definitely use this company again if the need were to arise. The technician was prompt, courteous and professional. he diagnosed the problem and performed service necessary to solve the problem. I apppreciated the fact that he did not use scare tactics or try to upsell us additional services we did not need.

via angieslist

We were experiencing problems with field ants in our yard. We had at least 5 ant hills. They were killing the lawn and starting to come into the house. I contacted a couple of local pest control companies and J C Ehrlich was the most reasonably priced. After settling on Ehrlich I called them to order the service; they came out within a couple of days. I noticed the work order stated that they did a perimeter application but there no mention of the ant hills in the yard. I contacted them and to ensure it was done they came back out the next day. No questions, just prompt service. In less than a a week we saw a substantial decrease in the number of ants. We also saw a decline in the number of other pests such as earwigs and centipedes (I hate those things). They returned, as scheduled in July for the second follow up.

via angieslist
Our Rating: 4.8/5
6232 Huntley Rd, Columbus, OH 43229
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I have a new person coming to my house now, Eric, he was very polite and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and enlightened me more about what he will be doing when coming to my house for inspections. I think this is going to be the best person I've had yet since being with your company...

Deborah B. via google

We just got service transferred from our previous home in Florida to our new home in Ohio. Today was our first service at the new home, and our technician was Curtis and he was very very kind answered all of my questions gave me recommendations on next steps of action to take for the pest problem outside. He called the office himself right away for me and requested them to reach out to me to schedule wildlife treatment. Very pleased with our appointment today. Thanks Curtis!

Adrienne P. via google

Since I’ve had my issues being located at my apartment Lakeside Villas/Eden Springs off of 161 I’ve had 3 technicians come out to assist. Eric, Daniel, and Adrian and the first and the most recent service I must give Eric Black as well as Adrian Barnett their 5 stars! Those two have gone above and way beyond to ensure I’m aware of the process as they do their work as well as if there are any problems for follow up questions or service! The 5 star service absolutely comes from both technicians and I’m more than satisfied with the pricing as well as the excellent service I’ve received from those two! If you need service in the 43229 area I’d highly recommend Orkin services and would request either technician to assist you! (Eric B. & Adrian B.)

Charidan H. via google

The technician was very pleasant and thorough , I appreciate how professional they are and concerned they were in addressing any questions we might have. If the ratings went higher than five I'd gladly rate them a ten. Thanks Bryan job well done ?

Ray T. via google

I've had Orkin for the pass 10-11years and my service had been great. I've had a few good tech through the years. Now I have Adam and he is absolutely amazing. He listens to my needs, concerns and he is very polite and answers all my questions thoroughly. Out of the years I had 2 problems. #1. Different people servicing my home. But I do understand to a degree. #2. Had a tech that wasn't mine regular tech service my home and having animals and expensive birds, he sprayed in my home with a product that is ment for outside, he could have potentially harmed or killed my fur and feather babies. Lucky he is no longer employed with the company. So besides that Okin is a good company and I look forward to continuing my services with the company as long as I have Adam as my service technician.

Tina S. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
3695 Corporate Drive, Columbus, OH 43231
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

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Positive: Responsiveness Great service by the three guys out here. Bigger job than expected but no complaints. Services: Rodent extermination , Termite inspection , Termite extermination , Ant extermination

Elton A. via google

Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Great service! Services: Hornet & wasp extermination , Spider extermination , Ant extermination

Jovanda C. via google

Job well done

Judy C. via google

Excellent initial treatment at our property. The tech was very knowledgeable about the service offered.

David Y. via google

Friendly professional staff

Michael R. via google

Pest Control Pricing & Services

When considering pest control services in Columbus, Ohio, there are several factors and considerations that can influence the cost. The prices provided in the table below are estimates and can vary based on specific circumstances.

The first factor to consider is the service type. For a one-time treatment, the cost ranges from $153.25 to $357.59. Ongoing maintenance services have a lower range of $30.65 to $102.17. In the case of emergency services, the cost can range from $204.34 to $510.84.

The size of the property is another important consideration. For small properties (less than 1,000 sq ft), the cost ranges from $153.25 to $255.42. Medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 sq ft) have a cost range of $204.34 to $408.67. Larger properties (over 2,000 sq ft) can cost between $357.59 and $715.18.

The location of the property is also a factor. In urban areas, the cost ranges from $255.42 to $408.67. For suburban areas, the cost is between $204.34 and $357.59. In rural areas, the cost ranges from $153.25 to $306.50.

The extent of the infestation can further impact the price. Minor infestations range from $153.25 to $255.42, moderate infestations range from $255.42 to $408.67, and severe infestations range from $408.67 to $715.18.

There are additional factors to consider as well. The age of the property plays a role, with newer properties having a range of $0.00 to $51.08 and older properties falling within the same range. The type of treatment also affects the cost, with standard treatments having a range of $0.00, and fumigation ranging from $102.17 to $306.50. Heat treatment ranges from $153.25 to $357.59.

It's important to note that these prices are estimates and can vary based on individual circumstances and the specific pest control provider. It is recommended to contact a local pest control exterminator in Columbus, Ohio, for a more accurate and detailed cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $153.25 $255.42 $357.59
Ongoing maintenance $30.65 $66.41 $102.17
Emergency services $204.34 $357.59 $510.84
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $153.25 $204.34 $255.42
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $204.34 $306.50 $408.67
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $357.59 $510.84 $715.18
Urban Location $255.42 $332.05 $408.67
Suburban Location $204.34 $280.96 $357.59
Rural Location $153.25 $229.88 $306.50
Minor Infestation $153.25 $204.34 $255.42
Moderate Infestation $255.42 $332.05 $408.67
Severe Infestation $408.67 $561.93 $715.18
Fumigation $102.17 $204.34 $306.50
Heat treatment $153.25 $255.42 $357.59

Columbus Requires Year Round Pest Control

Columbus, Ohio residents understand the importance of reliable pest control services to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. With a local pest control exterminator, you can ensure the protection of your home and family from the various pests that may invade throughout the year. Whether it's a tiny ant infestation or a larger-scale termite problem, professional pest control experts possess the expertise to tackle them all. By engaging their services, you can effectively eliminate pests and prevent future infestations.

Here is the importance of pest control service through the year in Columbus, Ohio:

  • January: Rodents seek shelter indoors during the cold winter months, making it crucial to have pest control measures in place to prevent their entry.
  • March: As the weather warms up, termite activity increases. Regular inspections and treatments can help safeguard your home from these destructive pests.
  • June: Mosquitoes become more active, posing a threat to outdoor activities and spreading diseases. Effective pest control methods can help minimize their presence.
  • September: As autumn arrives, stink bugs start seeking warmth inside properties. Professional pest control can help keep them out and maintain a pest-free living space.
  • November: With dropping temperatures, rodents seek shelter once again. A pest control service can help prevent their entry and protect your home.
  • Maintaining a pest-free environment requires year-round vigilance. Professional pest control services in Columbus, Ohio can provide the necessary expertise and treatments to keep your home free from unwanted pests.

    We'll Help You Deal with Pests in Columbus

    Which parts of my house should I focus on cleaning to keep bugs away?


    To keep bugs away in Columbus, Ohio, homeowners should focus on cleaning areas prone to attracting pests. Pay attention to the kitchen, specifically food crumbs and spills that can allure ants and cockroaches. Regularly vacuuming and dusting the entire house, including carpets and furniture, helps eliminate potential hiding spots for insects. Additionally, ensure that trash cans are tightly sealed and dispose of garbage regularly to prevent attracting flies and other pests.

    Should I remove my pets from the house during pest control treatment?


    During pest control treatment in Columbus, Ohio, it is generally recommended to remove pets from the house. This precaution ensures their safety and minimizes exposure to any chemicals used during the process. It is advisable to consult with the pest control professionals for specific guidelines on when it is safe to bring pets back into the treated area.

    Will opening windows help remove residual chemicals from pest control?


    Opening windows can help remove residual chemicals from pest control treatments. Fresh air circulation can help dissipate the chemicals and reduce their concentration indoors. It is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the pest control company regarding ventilation and re-entry times for your specific treatment.

    Does the time of day affect the effectiveness of certain pest control methods?


    The time of day can indeed affect the effectiveness of certain pest control methods in Columbus, Ohio. For example, some pests may be more active during specific times, making it more efficient to apply treatments when they are most active. Additionally, weather conditions during different times of the day can impact the success of pest control measures. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the time of day when implementing pest control strategies to maximize their effectiveness.

    When should I expect a higher risk of bug infestations?


    Homeowners in Columbus, Ohio may experience a higher risk of bug infestations during the warmer months, particularly from spring to early fall. This is when insects are more active and breeding. It is important to take preventive measures such as sealing cracks, keeping a clean environment, and seeking professional pest control services if needed.

    What scent repels moths the strongest?


    Cedarwood is a strong natural scent that repels moths effectively. Placing cedar blocks or sachets in closets and drawers can help keep moths away. Additionally, lavender and rosemary scents are also known to discourage moths from infesting homes.

    Local Columbus Resources

    Columbus, Ohio, is not only the capital but also the largest city in the state. As a city known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, Columbus offers a range of local resources to help residents tackle pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues.

    For residents seeking assistance with pest control, the Columbus Public Health department provides valuable information and guidance. They can be reached at (614) 645-8191. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Plant Health Division offers resources and expertise on managing invasive plants. You can contact them at (614) 728-6400.

    When it comes to wildlife concerns, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources offers a Wildlife Conflict Hotline at 1-800-WILDLIFE. They can provide advice on dealing with common wildlife issues, such as raccoons, squirrels, or bats.

    Lastly, the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District is a valuable resource for residents facing invasive species challenges. They offer guidance on controlling invasive plants and animals specific to the region. You can contact them at (614) 486-9613.

    Remember, it's important to reach out to these local resources for accurate and professional advice tailored to the unique challenges faced by residents in Columbus, Ohio.

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