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Common Pest Problems

Greenville, Mississippi, located in the heart of the Delta region, is no stranger to pest-related challenges. With its warm and humid climate, residents often find themselves dealing with a variety of pests that thrive in these conditions. One common culprit is the mosquito, which can be a significant nuisance and a carrier of diseases such as West Nile virus. Additionally, residents may encounter ants, roaches, and termites, which can wreak havoc on homes and structures. These pests are relentless in their search for food, water, and shelter, making it crucial for homeowners to seek professional pest control services to safeguard their properties.

By enlisting the expertise of local pest control professionals, residents of Greenville can effectively address these pest-related issues. Pest control services can provide tailored solutions, utilizing safe and environmentally-friendly methods to eliminate and prevent infestations. With their knowledge of local pests and their behavior, these experts can implement targeted strategies to eradicate mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and termites, ensuring the comfort and well-being of homeowners in Greenville, Mississippi.

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  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

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Fischer has to be the best pest control company on the planet! They are always on time and always take care of everything even going above and beyond! The girls in the office are always nice and very helpful. First class company I highly recommend! Thanks much!

Mike R. via google

Bad at communication. They decide a course of action and wouldn't call to update us. We wait for the rest of the day and finally call them only to have them sound irritated to explain to us the course of action. Needs better customer service. That being said, they are lovely in person. Very hospitable and ready to work hard and get the job done.

Sarah F. via google

Had a great experience with these guys. We are selling our house and I called to get the termite report. We got in within 24 hours and they were so great and professional.

Anne S. via google

Thank you Fischer for getting rid of my fleas! The entire yard and house was infested and the technician came back several times to make sure they were gone and instructed us on how to clean them up so the eggs didn't keep hatching. I had no idea getting rid of them took so much work, but this company and the managers made sure we were taken care of and knew what they were doing. I will be calling them first if I encounter any other issues with "bugs"!

Toni D. via google

Fischer got rid of all my roaches!! We will be using Fischer for all our pest control needs. The staff was very helpful. They showed up on time and did what they said they would. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family. Thank you Fischer!!!!!

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Our Rating: 4.8/5
811 Highway 82 E, Leland, MS 38756
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

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I am very pleased with the service I received today. Mr. Williams was very polite and thorough.

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The serviceman was very nice and professional.

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My technician jame moses was very professional very courteous also very helpful text before he arrive aslo arrive on time did a very good job

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Our Rating: 4.5/5
2329 Highway 1 S, Greenville, MS 38701
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

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The process started out a little rocky, but I’ll technician named Michael, Thomas close everything out very well for me. He actually went above and beyond the call of duty.

Everett H. via google

Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Value The service guy was very friendly, professional, and explained what he was doing. Service: Termite inspection

Sherry H. via google

Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value

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Positive: Quality Great experience Service: General pest inspection

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Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value Chase is not only patient but informative, he does my work as well and chase is always professional and kind! I would hate for him to ever leave the position he has made everything by so easy and convenient anytime I have a problem! Best star rated worker!!!

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Pest Control Pricing for Greenville, Mississippi

If you are a resident homeowner in Greenville, Mississippi, and are in need of pest control services, it is important to consider various factors that can influence the cost. The prices provided in the table below are estimates and can vary depending on specific circumstances.

For the type of service, a one-time treatment typically ranges from $135.39 to $315.91. Ongoing maintenance services are usually priced between $27.08 and $90.26, while emergency services can cost anywhere from $180.52 to $451.30.

The size of your property is another consideration. For small properties (less than 1,000 square feet), prices range from $135.39 to $225.65. Medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 square feet) can expect costs between $180.52 and $361.04. Larger properties (over 2,000 square feet) may incur charges ranging from $315.91 to $631.82.

The location of your property also plays a role in pricing. Urban areas tend to have higher prices, ranging from $225.65 to $361.04. Suburban areas fall within the range of $180.52 to $315.91, while rural areas have lower costs, ranging from $135.39 to $270.78.

The extent of the infestation will impact the price as well. Minor infestations cost between $135.39 and $225.65, while moderate infestations can range from $225.65 to $361.04. For severe infestations, the prices increase significantly, ranging from $361.04 to $631.82.

Other factors, such as the age of the property and the type of treatment required, can also affect the pricing. Newer properties may have lower costs, starting from $22.56, while older properties can range from $22.56 to $45.13. The type of treatment, whether it is standard, fumigation, or heat treatment, will also influence the price.

It is important to note that these prices are estimates and can vary based on specific circumstances. To obtain an accurate quote for your pest control needs in Greenville, Mississippi, it is recommended to contact a local pest control exterminator with expertise in the area.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $135.39 $225.65 $315.91
Ongoing maintenance $27.08 $58.67 $90.26
Emergency services $180.52 $315.91 $451.30
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $135.39 $180.52 $225.65
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $180.52 $270.78 $361.04
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $315.91 $451.30 $631.82
Urban Location $225.65 $293.34 $361.04
Suburban Location $180.52 $248.21 $315.91
Rural Location $135.39 $203.08 $270.78
Minor Infestation $135.39 $180.52 $225.65
Moderate Infestation $225.65 $293.34 $361.04
Severe Infestation $361.04 $496.43 $631.82
Fumigation $90.26 $180.52 $270.78
Heat treatment $135.39 $225.65 $315.91

Fact: Pest Are All Year in Greenville

Greenville, Mississippi residents know the importance of effective pest control in maintaining a comfortable and hygienic living environment. With its warm and humid climate, the city is prone to a variety of pests throughout the year. Whether it's ants invading the kitchen in the summer or rodents seeking shelter in the colder months, a reliable pest control service can help homeowners tackle these issues. By partnering with a local expert, residents can ensure ongoing protection against pests and minimize the potential damage and health risks associated with infestations.

Here are the specific pest control needs to consider throughout the year in Greenville, Mississippi:

  • January-March:
  • Rodents seeking warmth and shelter during the colder months can be a concern.
  • Bed bugs may become more active due to increased travel during the holiday season.
  • April-June:
  • Mosquitoes thrive in the warm and humid climate, making effective mosquito control essential.
  • Termites start swarming, posing a significant threat to homes and structures.
  • July-September:
  • Fleas and ticks are prevalent during the summer months, requiring comprehensive control measures.
  • Cockroaches may thrive in the hot weather, seeking refuge indoors.
  • October-December:
  • Ants are commonly found in households seeking food and shelter as temperatures drop.
  • Stinging insects, such as wasps and hornets, become more aggressive as they prepare for winter.
  • By addressing these seasonal pest control needs, Greenville residents can safeguard their homes and maintain a pest-free environment throughout the year.

    We'll Help You Deal with Pests in Greenville

    How long should I wait before allowing pets or children back into the cleaned area after exterminator sprays?


    After an exterminator sprays in Greenville, Mississippi, it is recommended to wait at least 2-4 hours before allowing pets or children back into the cleaned area. This allows sufficient time for the sprayed chemicals to settle and dry, reducing any potential risks.

    How do exterminators prevent ants?


    Exterminators in Greenville, Mississippi employ various preventive measures to tackle ant infestations. They conduct thorough inspections to identify entry points and nesting areas, then seal off those access points. Extermination methods include using bait stations, insecticides, and sprays specifically formulated to target ants. Regular monitoring and proactive maintenance are recommended to ensure long-term ant prevention.

    Can bed bugs be transferred through unwashed items?


    Bed bugs can be transferred through unwashed items, such as clothing, bedding, or furniture. It's important to regularly wash and dry these items on high heat to kill any potential bed bugs and prevent their spread.

    Is there a correlation between cleanliness and bug presence?


    In Greenville, Mississippi, the cleanliness of a home can have an impact on the presence of bugs. Maintaining a clean and tidy living space can help reduce the attractiveness of your home to pests, making it less likely for bugs to infest. However, it's important to note that other factors such as climate, proximity to natural habitats, and building conditions can also contribute to bug presence.

    Can not washing bedding attract bed bugs?


    Not washing bedding regularly can potentially attract bed bugs, as they are attracted to human body odor and the warmth that bedding provides. Regular washing of bedding helps to eliminate any bed bug activity and prevents them from infesting your home. It is essential to maintain good hygiene practices to minimize the risk of bed bug infestations.

    What are the main pests that can cause damage to homes?


    In Greenville, Mississippi, homeowners may encounter pests such as termites, rodents, ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. These pests can cause damage to homes by chewing through wood, spreading diseases, contaminating food, and causing structural issues. It is important for homeowners to seek professional pest control services to address and prevent infestations.

    Pest Resources in Greenville

    Greenville, Mississippi, is a vibrant city located in the heart of Washington County. Known for its rich history and Southern charm, this community offers a range of resources to assist residents with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues.

    One valuable resource in the area is the Washington County Cooperative Extension Service. They provide expert advice and information on various topics, including pest management. Residents can reach out to them at (662) 334-2672 for guidance on identifying pests, preventing infestations, and effective control methods.

    Furthermore, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks plays a crucial role in managing wildlife-related concerns. If residents encounter issues with nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, or snakes, they can contact the Delta Regional Office at (662) 335-2427 for assistance.

    For invasive plant and animal issues, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce offers support. They can be reached at (601) 359-1100 and can provide information on identifying and controlling invasive species that may impact the local ecosystem.

    With these resources available, Greenville residents can find the help they need in managing pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal challenges while preserving the beauty and harmony of their community.

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