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Common Pest Problems

Residents of Pueblo, Colorado, face various pest-related challenges due to the city's unique climate and geographical features. One common issue encountered by homeowners and businesses alike is the presence of ants. Whether it's odorous house ants, carpenter ants, or pavement ants, these tiny invaders can quickly become a nuisance by infiltrating homes and structures in search of food and shelter. Additionally, the warm and dry climate of Pueblo makes it a favorable habitat for spiders, including the potentially dangerous black widow and brown recluse species. These arachnids can take up residence in basements, garages, and outdoor spaces, posing a threat to residents and their pets.

While Pueblo residents can take proactive measures to prevent pest infestations, such as maintaining cleanliness and sealing entry points, the expertise of a local pest control service can make a significant difference. Professional pest control specialists possess the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively identify, eliminate, and prevent pest issues in the area. With their assistance, residents can safeguard their homes and businesses from the potential health risks and property damage associated with common pests in Pueblo, Colorado.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
1902 Aerotech Dr Ste 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
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Orkin was very quick to respond and help us with our mice problem. Daniel came on a Saturday and was prompt and professional. He did an excellent job explaining everything and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend!

Kimberly L. via google

This company was the one I chose after 3 estimates. The representative was very professional and thorough. He gave me options to protect my home to give me peace of mind. He also saved me 600$ I am just waiting for them to show up and complete a termite treatment.

Briggette R. G. via google

Very happy with our service! I had a little panic attack that we might have an infestation and the guy assured me that the bug I found was nothing to worry about and he continued to do a full inspection. He gave me the choice of whether to have the treatment or not, which we did as a preventative measure. He was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Erin M. B. via google

We had a large wasp nest in a tree in our front yard and yellow jackets in our side yard. Martin was knowledgable, kind, and efficient. The first tech missed my appointment, but Valerie and Cassandra made sure my appointment was rescheduled quickly. Both of them were friendly and professional. I also appreciated the phone call from the regional office. Orkin has always taken very good care of us, and I will continue to use them for pest control.

Elly G. via google

This was my first experience with a bug service. The Orkin guy was efficient and respectful of our belongings. I am looking forward to see how effective this first treatment will be.

Jessica D. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
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The representative looked over my property to assess the problem and told me what it would cost to get rid of the voles. He was professional and personable.

Pam M. via google

Sales and service teams are great at what they do, and have a passion for the animals they work with. Management however, could use a few training courses in following through on simple requests.

Tarra B. via google

Dominic did a great job.

Dan M. via google

Apparently the District Manager didn't get the memo as we sat and waited for another call that never came as promised yesterday. ****Update**** Eric called and came to the house himself. Did a complete inspection and provided a quote on the spot before leaving. We are undecided on using them or not yet and hope if we do move forward the communication issues are resolved.

Dave H. via yelp

Great service and very friendly crew. I would highly recommend them if you have pests.

Kara T. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
1610 Quail Lake Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

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on Rodent and Wildlife Control

We got invaded, wildlife need to stay outside not inside. Called and they came, very fast and efficient. We do have dogs I was concerned for but what they use was safe for our dogs.

Kat W. via google

Tech called before arrival. He was on time and very professional. He advised of all the procedures that he would be performing to take care of our pest and rodent issues. No evidence of the rodents so far. Pleased with Terminix.

Rosalind B. via google

I have been with Terminix for many years. The price is comparable, the service is always friendly and on time to what they quote. Communication is excellent and scheduling is easy

Corrina D. via google

Had an outbreak of mice and they came out and put traps around the outside of the house, then came in and put different things inside. In no time mice were gone and I haven’t seen one since, they also spray for insects around the outside of the house. Great service.

James S. C. via google

Very great professionally friendly timely service. Bernard is an awesome tech!!

Brandy S. via google

Pest Control Pricing & Services

For residents in Pueblo, Colorado seeking pest control services, there are several factors and considerations that contribute to the estimated prices. The price table includes different categories such as service type, property size, location, extent of infestation, and other factors.

In terms of service type, there are three options to choose from. One-time treatment ranges from $149.50 to $348.82, ongoing maintenance ranges from $29.90 to $99.66, and emergency services range from $199.33 to $498.32. The price is influenced by the size of the property as well. Small properties (less than 1,000 sq ft) range from $149.50 to $249.16, medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 sq ft) range from $199.33 to $398.66, and large properties (over 2,000 sq ft) range from $348.82 to $697.65.

The location of the property also affects the pricing. In urban areas, the cost ranges from $249.16 to $398.66, in suburban areas from $199.33 to $348.82, and in rural areas from $149.50 to $298.99. The extent of infestation is another factor to consider. For minor infestations, the price ranges from $149.50 to $249.16, for moderate infestations from $249.16 to $398.66, and for severe infestations from $398.66 to $697.65.

Additionally, other factors like the age of the property and the type of treatment chosen can impact the pricing. For newer or older properties, the cost is approximately $49.83. Different types of treatment are available as well, including standard treatment, fumigation, and heat treatment, with varying price ranges.

It is important to note that the prices provided in the table are estimates and may vary depending on specific circumstances. To get an accurate quote and tailored pest control services, it is recommended to contact a local pest control exterminator in Pueblo, Colorado.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $149.50 $249.16 $348.82
Ongoing maintenance $29.90 $64.78 $99.66
Emergency services $199.33 $348.82 $498.32
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $149.50 $199.33 $249.16
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $199.33 $298.99 $398.66
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $348.82 $498.32 $697.65
Urban Location $249.16 $323.91 $398.66
Suburban Location $199.33 $274.08 $348.82
Rural Location $149.50 $224.24 $298.99
Minor Infestation $149.50 $199.33 $249.16
Moderate Infestation $249.16 $323.91 $398.66
Severe Infestation $398.66 $548.15 $697.65
Fumigation $99.66 $199.33 $298.99
Heat treatment $149.50 $249.16 $348.82

Pest Infestations All Year Long in Pueblo

Pueblo, Colorado residents understand the importance of pest control services throughout the year. From common household pests to more serious infestations, the presence of pests can cause significant discomfort and potential health hazards. To ensure a pest-free environment, it is crucial to enlist the expertise of a professional pest control exterminator. They possess local knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges faced in Pueblo, Colorado, allowing them to provide tailored solutions for pest management. Whether it's dealing with the influx of ants during the warmer months or preventing rodents from seeking shelter during the colder seasons, a reliable pest control service is essential.

  • January: Maintaining a pest-free home is crucial during the winter months to prevent rodents seeking warmth and shelter.
  • March: As temperatures begin to rise, ants become more active and can invade homes in search of food and water.
  • June: Mosquitoes become a prevalent issue during the summer, posing a risk of diseases such as West Nile Virus.
  • October: With the arrival of fall, spiders seek refuge indoors, increasing the need for pest control services.
  • November: Rodents, including mice and rats, look for cozy nesting spots during the colder months, making pest control crucial.
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of your home and family is paramount, and a trusted pest control service can provide peace of mind throughout the year.

    We'll Help You Deal with Pests in Pueblo

    Is it necessary to wash my plants after fumigation?


    After fumigation, it is generally not necessary to wash your plants in Pueblo, Colorado. The fumigation process is designed to target pests and their eggs, leaving minimal residue on plants. However, it is always best to consult with your local pest control expert for specific recommendations regarding your particular situation.

    Do I need to vacuum my mattress before fumigation?


    Yes, it is recommended to vacuum your mattress before fumigation. Vacuuming helps to remove any dust, debris, or pests that may be present on the surface of the mattress, ensuring a more effective fumigation treatment.

    Should I adjust the frequency of bug spraying based on the time of year?


    Adjusting the frequency of bug spraying based on the time of year is advisable in Pueblo, Colorado. Different seasons bring different pest challenges, with increased activity during warmer months. It is important for homeowners to consider scheduling regular pest control treatments to effectively manage and prevent infestations throughout the year.

    How often do experts recommend pest control treatments in homes?


    Experts recommend pest control treatments in homes in Pueblo, Colorado on a regular basis, typically every 3 to 6 months. Regular treatments help prevent infestations and maintain a pest-free environment for homeowners. It is important to consult with a local pest control professional to determine the specific treatment schedule based on the unique needs of your home and the pest pressures in the area.

    How do I know if pests have infested my property?


    Signs of a pest infestation on your property in Pueblo, Colorado, may include visible damage to structures, droppings, nests, or tracks. Unusual noises or foul smells could also indicate a pest problem. If you notice these signs, it's recommended to contact a local pest control expert for a thorough inspection and effective treatment.

    Are there any permanent ways to eradicate mice from my attic/basement?


    One permanent way to eradicate mice from your attic/basement in Pueblo, Colorado is to seal all entry points and gaps where they can enter, such as cracks and holes. Additionally, using traps or hiring a professional pest control service can help eliminate existing mice and prevent future infestations.

    Get Free Assistance in Pueblo

    Pueblo, Colorado, nestled in the heart of the state, offers a range of local resources to assist residents with pest control needs. When it comes to tackling pest, wildlife, or animal control concerns, the Pueblo City-County Health Department is a valuable resource. They can provide guidance on a variety of issues, including mosquito control, rodent infestations, and nuisance wildlife.

    For invasive plant and animal issues, the Pueblo County Weed and Pest Management Department is available to offer support. They specialize in addressing problems caused by invasive plant species and can provide information on control methods and prevention strategies. Additionally, the Colorado State University Extension Office in Pueblo County is an excellent resource for residents seeking further guidance on pest management and control.

    To reach the Pueblo City-County Health Department, you can contact them at (719) 583-4307. For assistance with invasive plant and animal issues, reach out to the Pueblo County Weed and Pest Management Department at (719) 583-4506. Finally, to explore the resources offered by the Colorado State University Extension Office in Pueblo County, you can contact them at (719) 583-6566.

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