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Pest Control in Fountain

Residents of Fountain, Colorado, may encounter various pests that can pose a nuisance to their daily lives. One common pest issue that locals face is the presence of ants. These tiny creatures can invade homes and businesses, searching for food and water sources. From common household ants to carpenter ants that can damage wooden structures, these unwanted guests can be quite bothersome.

Additionally, residents might struggle with rodents such as mice and rats. These pests can easily find their way into buildings, seeking shelter and food. Not only can they contaminate food supplies, but they can also cause structural damage by gnawing on wires and insulation.

While dealing with pests can be a frustrating task, it is important to remember that professional pest control services can help alleviate these issues. By enlisting the help of experts, residents can ensure a pest-free environment and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
1902 Aerotech Dr Ste 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
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They are so personable & knowledgeable. They are very flexible with their schedule if you need to change your appointment for any reason. Highly recommended them!

Marina K. via google

Our experience with Orkin has been wonderful. Our Representative Has been thorough and explain what services we received and why. He has gone the extra mile to make sure we are happy and our home protected.

Ed T. via google

Orkin did amazing today. Luckily there was an opening the day after I called. Super knowledgeable and wanted to solve the problem and was ready to take care of it. Unlike the other place who just wanted get out as quick as possible.

Nick W. via google

Orkin was very quick to respond and help us with our mice problem. Daniel came on a Saturday and was prompt and professional. He did an excellent job explaining everything and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend!

Kimberly L. via google

This company was the one I chose after 3 estimates. The representative was very professional and thorough. He gave me options to protect my home to give me peace of mind. He also saved me 600$ I am just waiting for them to show up and complete a termite treatment.

Briggette R. G. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
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Critter Control was very professional and knowledgeable. They response time for questions was excellent. Very easy to communicate with. I would recommend...

Vicki M. via yelp

The representative looked over my property to assess the problem and told me what it would cost to get rid of the voles. He was professional and personable.

Pam M. via google

Sales and service teams are great at what they do, and have a passion for the animals they work with. Management however, could use a few training courses in following through on simple requests.

Tarra B. via google

Dominic did a great job.

Dan M. via google

Apparently the District Manager didn't get the memo as we sat and waited for another call that never came as promised yesterday. ****Update**** Eric called and came to the house himself. Did a complete inspection and provided a quote on the spot before leaving. We are undecided on using them or not yet and hope if we do move forward the communication issues are resolved.

Dave H. via yelp
Our Rating: 4.5/5
1610 Quail Lake Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

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Communicated they were coming through text, explained the process and came at the beginning of the time slot. Would recommend to anyone needing their expertise. Employee had a good attitude too.

Sarah O. via google

We live in new construction and in the last three years we started having ants in our home. Over the three years we had two separate year long services with different companies (not at the same time) but the ants always remain. We tried Terminix this year and so far we've had the best results. The ant bait traps they use have been amazing and I haven't seen an ant inside our house in 5 months. We're extremely pleased with the service and the technicians are always fantastic to work with!

Micah B. via google

We got invaded, wildlife need to stay outside not inside. Called and they came, very fast and efficient. We do have dogs I was concerned for but what they use was safe for our dogs.

Kat W. via google

Tech called before arrival. He was on time and very professional. He advised of all the procedures that he would be performing to take care of our pest and rodent issues. No evidence of the rodents so far. Pleased with Terminix.

Rosalind B. via google

I have been with Terminix for many years. The price is comparable, the service is always friendly and on time to what they quote. Communication is excellent and scheduling is easy

Corrina D. via google

Pest Control Pricing & Services

If you are a resident homeowner in Fountain, Colorado and you are interested in pest control services, there are several factors and considerations that can affect the price. The prices provided below are estimates and may vary based on your specific needs.

First, the type of service you require will impact the cost. For a one-time treatment, the price ranges from $156.35 to $364.81. Ongoing maintenance services range from $31.27 to $104.23, depending on the frequency and duration. Emergency services, on the other hand, can cost between $208.46 and $521.15.

The size of your property is another factor to consider. For small properties (less than 1,000 sq ft), the price ranges from $156.35 to $260.58. Medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 sq ft) may cost between $208.46 and $416.92. For larger properties (over 2,000 sq ft), the price can go up to $729.62.

The location of your property also plays a role in determining the price. In urban areas, the cost ranges from $260.58 to $416.92, while in suburban areas it ranges from $208.46 to $364.81. In rural areas, the price can be between $156.35 and $312.69.

The extent of the infestation is an important consideration as well. For minor infestations, the price ranges from $156.35 to $260.58. Moderate infestations may cost between $260.58 and $416.92, while severe infestations can be as high as $729.62.

Lastly, there are other factors to consider such as the age of your property and the type of treatment needed. Newer properties may have lower prices, starting at $26.06, while older properties can range from $26.06 to $52.12. The type of treatment, whether it's standard, fumigation, or heat treatment, also varies in cost.

These prices are estimates and it is recommended to contact a local pest control exterminator in Fountain, Colorado to get an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $156.35 $260.58 $364.81
Ongoing maintenance $31.27 $67.75 $104.23
Emergency services $208.46 $364.81 $521.15
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $156.35 $208.46 $260.58
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $208.46 $312.69 $416.92
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $364.81 $521.15 $729.62
Urban Location $260.58 $338.75 $416.92
Suburban Location $208.46 $286.63 $364.81
Rural Location $156.35 $234.52 $312.69
Minor Infestation $156.35 $208.46 $260.58
Moderate Infestation $260.58 $338.75 $416.92
Severe Infestation $416.92 $573.27 $729.62
Fumigation $104.23 $208.46 $312.69
Heat treatment $156.35 $260.58 $364.81

Annual Pest Control Service

Fountain, Colorado is fortunate to have a reputable pest control service with local expertise. They are dedicated to providing effective solutions for residents dealing with pest infestations. With their professional knowledge and experience, they offer valuable assistance in maintaining a pest-free environment for homes and businesses throughout the city.

Pest control services are essential throughout the year in Fountain, Colorado, as various pests can cause significant problems for residents. Here is a breakdown of the importance of pest control by season:

  • Spring: As the weather warms up, pests like ants, mosquitoes, and termites become more active. Pest control services can help prevent infestations and address any existing problems.
  • Summer: In the summer months, stinging insects like wasps and bees are more prevalent. Pest control experts can safely remove nests and ensure these pests do not pose a threat.
  • Fall: Rodents, such as mice and rats, start seeking shelter in homes as temperatures drop. Pest control services can identify entry points and implement effective exclusion measures.
  • Winter: While pest activity may decrease during the winter, some pests, like spiders and cockroaches, can still be problematic. Pest control professionals can perform preventive treatments to keep these pests at bay.
  • Having a reliable pest control service in Fountain, Colorado is crucial for maintaining a pest-free environment year-round. Regardless of the season, the expertise and assistance provided by local professionals play a significant role in keeping homes and businesses free from unwanted pests.

    Don't Get Caught Without Pest Control in Fountain

    Does a clean house prevent pests?


    A clean house can help to prevent pests in Fountain, Colorado. By eliminating potential food and water sources, pests are less likely to be attracted to your home. Regular cleaning, proper sanitation, and maintenance can create an environment that is less appealing to pests, reducing the likelihood of infestations.

    What measures do exterminators take to prevent fleas?


    Exterminators in Fountain, Colorado take preventive measures to control fleas. These may include thorough inspections of the property, identifying potential flea habitats, applying targeted treatments to affected areas, and offering advice on proper sanitation practices. They may also recommend regular flea treatments for pets to prevent reinfestation.

    Are there specific compounds in peppermint that bugs dislike?


    Peppermint contains compounds such as menthol and pulegone, which are known to repel bugs. These compounds have a strong scent that insects find unpleasant, making peppermint an effective natural deterrent for pests.

    Can bugs hide in piles of books or magazines?


    Bugs can indeed hide in piles of books or magazines, as these provide dark and undisturbed spaces that certain insects find appealing. It is essential for homeowners in Fountain, Colorado, to regularly inspect and clean their bookshelves to prevent infestations and minimize potential issues with pests.

    Should I sanitize or disinfect my home after the exterminator has sprayed?


    After the pest control exterminator has sprayed in Fountain, Colorado, it is advisable for homeowners to sanitize their home. Sanitizing will help to remove any residue or potential contaminants left behind by the extermination process, ensuring a clean and safe living environment for the household.

    Are there any specific actions homeowners can take to expedite cockroach elimination?


    Homeowners in Fountain, Colorado can expedite cockroach elimination by taking certain actions. These include keeping the house clean and free of food debris, sealing any cracks or openings where cockroaches can enter, removing clutter, fixing leaks and moisture problems, and using cockroach baits or traps. Regularly contacting a local pest control company can also provide effective solutions.

    Get Free Assistance in Fountain

    Fountain, Colorado, located in El Paso County, offers a range of local resources to assist residents with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues. The city and state prioritize the well-being of its residents and the preservation of its natural environment.

    Residents facing pest-related challenges can turn to the El Paso County Public Health Department for guidance and information. They can be reached at (719) 578-3199 or visited at 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Additionally, the Colorado State University Extension provides resources on integrated pest management strategies specific to the region. Their website,, offers valuable information on identifying and managing pests effectively.

    In cases involving wildlife or animal control, residents can seek assistance from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division. They can be contacted at (719) 227-5200 or visited at 4255 Sinton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. The division offers guidance on dealing with wildlife-related issues while ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and the animals.

    For concerns related to invasive plant and animal species, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is a valuable resource. They can be reached at (303) 869-9000 or visited at 305 Interlocken Parkway, Broomfield, CO 80021. The department provides information on the identification, prevention, and management of invasive species, aiding in the preservation of the local ecosystem.

    By utilizing these local resources, residents of Fountain, Colorado can effectively address and manage pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal issues, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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