Top 4 Pest Control Companies in South Carolina

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Our Rating: 4.8/5
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Great company with reliable results. Aaron is always on time and very professional. When I have had other critter issues, the Erlich team has referred out the work and treated me with care to make sure my issues were resolved. Erlich was recommended to me by a neighbor and I am very grateful.

Barclay S. via yelp

I have been a very happy client since they took over Jones Consulting and Pest Control. Derrick is my current tech and he's amazing. He is here on time, every time. Does a very thorough job inside and out. Aside from the occasional Palmetto bug, always dead, we see no other critters. Thank you Ehrlich, and staff, for a job well done.

Marjie S. via yelp

Kenneth Kolbe with Ehrlich Pest Control is very helpful and Ehrlich pest gives great customer service. If your looking for reliable...Ehrlich is it!

Sheri N. via yelp

They were really great. The owner is Craig Jones. They did the pest control every quarter and I spent $60 a quarter. I used them for like eight or nine years. It is a local business. We have bugs and cockroaches, so people spray regularly for those. I liked that they are local. The gentleman who was responsive for servicing my house was there for years and I think that is a good sign about a company. When I first contacted them, I wanted to find out if we needed a whole house termite treatment and they told me that I didn’t. I admired that. He is an honest guy. I would rate them highly.

via angieslist

They come and do a good job. We have them every three months. We have a regular contract with them and we have had them for eight or ten years. They are punctual about their appointments. They are friendly and efficient. They are good with follow ups if we have problems. They are very thorough. They don’t mind doing little extra things for us when we need it done. We have used them for a long time. We would rate them highly and would continue to use them in the future.

via angieslist
Our Rating: 4.8/5
3111 Meeting Street Road , Charleston, SC 29405
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

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Charles was great, explained everything. He was very thorough. Gives me confidence that we choose the right company!

Rachel T. via google

I love that Allen sends you a email and text advising your schedule date, when they arrive and leave. I've been so happy with my yard this year because I'm not fighting with insects and bugs. Allen listens to my needs and address them.

D C. via google

Every Orkin tech I have ever had over my 5+ years of service has been friendly, professional. and super helpful and knowledgeable. They always give accurate time estimates and good notice before coming out, and listen to make sure they are treating in alignment with your concerns.

Rebekah B. A. via google

Orkin services and workers does a awesome job keep up the good work!! Ulandus lark came out too do the job he was awesome. We look forward too seen you at our next visit thanks so much .

Betty K. via google

Orkin service is always prompt, professional, and efficient. They always start the visit to understand if there was any issues and then complete the service call. I recommend them highly

Tracy P. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended for wildlife removal by local and state agencies

  • Provides bilingual support line to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Operates in 29 states across the eastern U.S., Midwest, and Southwest

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Back in February we had squirrels in our attic. Trutech was the only company we called that could get here in a reasonable time. Nate inspected us and got us set up for trapping and exclusion. Took about 2 weeks but Matt got us hooked up, he set traps and patched up all the access points. Been squirrel free since. I also signed up for their bi-monthly pest service and have been pleased with it. Recently we've accumulated some medical bills so we're looking to cut back on things and this service is one of them. I'm docking them a star simply because Nate was supposed to cancel my service but he just sort of disappeared on me so I had to call it in. That annoys me.

Mark G. via google

We had a very good experience with Trutech. We had a bat problem (bats had lodged in one of the chimneys over the winter), and Matt was excellent in putting screens on all gables and openings and in securing the chimney caps so that no gaps were present. He was very professional and knew what he was doing.

June S. via google

I am very proud of the service provided to me. Everyone I dealt with was professional.

Deborah P. via google

Nate and Matt were great to work with.

Charles S. via google

Trutech's Technician, Matt Abrams, did an OUTSTANDING job. He was extremely professional and polite. He went beyond the details of the Contract by touching up some areas damaged by the squirrels and cleaning leaves from the roof.

Bill S. via google
Hawx Pest Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
2235 Technical Parkway, Ste G, North Charleston, SC 29406
  • They offer specialized, local knowledge of the pests

  • Residential and commercial services offered

  • Same-day service

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The customer service from Hawx has always been exceptional. The service technicians are knowledgeable and professional. Connors Trader went the extra mile to make sure he listened to our needs regarding the ant problem we had. He did a wonderful job on our property.

Larry G.via Google

Jordan has provided the most complete service since I’ve been a client. He even sprayed on my deck, which no one else has done. If these are new directions to the techs, hooray. If not, he did the best service. Thanks for putting him on my route.

Sue B.via Google

I would like to thank Jeff for doing a great job today. In fact, I would like to request him in the future. Y’all were supposed to provide service a couple of weeks ago, and your guy showed up without the equipment to service the inside of my house. To be honest, I almost called you to cancel my service then. Instead I rescheduled. Today Jeff did exactly what I signed up for, but too often you don’t provide. He sprayed indoors and out, swept my eaves for spider webs and took care of a couple of wasp nests. He did a great job. Thank you very much.

Rick T.via Google

Very polite and wearing a mask (I appreciate that). Introduced himself and asked if any particular place was heavy with mosquitoes, I told him I work in my garage with the door open and he made sure to get that side of the house thoroughly.

Steven W.via Google

Montana was pleasant and most helpful in taking care of the service requested. We are happy and pleased with great service and the professional assistance given. SHB

Steve C.via Google

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Don't Let Pests Invade Your Home

South Carolina residents often find themselves facing pest issues due to the state's warm and humid climate. One common pest that plagues homeowners is the termite. These destructive insects thrive in South Carolina's moist conditions, causing significant damage to wooden structures. From homes to businesses, termites can wreak havoc on property values. It is essential for residents to seek professional pest control services to prevent and treat termite infestations, minimizing the potential for long-term damage.

Another prevalent pest in South Carolina is the mosquito. With its marshy coastal areas and numerous lakes and rivers, the state provides an ideal breeding ground for these blood-sucking pests. Not only do mosquitoes cause itchy bites, but they can also transmit diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. Protecting oneself from mosquito bites is crucial, and employing pest control services that offer effective mosquito control measures can help keep these bothersome insects at bay.

Additionally, South Carolina residents often encounter issues with ants, particularly fire ants. These aggressive and painful stinging insects can pose a threat to both humans and animals. Fire ants build extensive mounds and can quickly infest yards, parks, and agricultural areas. Professional pest control services can help manage fire ant populations, reducing the risk of painful encounters and potential damage.

To ensure a pest-free environment and safeguard against property damage and health risks, South Carolina residents should consider enlisting the expertise of local pest control professionals. Their knowledge and specialized treatments can address pest issues effectively, providing peace of mind and maintaining a safe and comfortable living space.

Fact: Pest Are All Year in South Carolina

South Carolina is no stranger to the challenges posed by pests throughout the year. Pest control services play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it's pesky mosquitoes in the summer or rodents seeking shelter in the winter, having a local pest control expert is essential. Here's a breakdown of the importance of pest control service in South Carolina:

  • January to March:
  • Rodents seek shelter indoors due to colder temperatures.
  • Termites remain active, posing a threat to homes and structures.
  • Professional inspections can identify potential issues before they escalate.
  • April to June:
  • Mosquitoes become more prevalent, increasing the risk of diseases like West Nile virus.
  • Ants and bees establish colonies, requiring expert removal to prevent infestations.
  • Regular treatments can mitigate pest populations before they multiply.
  • July to September:
  • Increased outdoor activities attract stinging insects like wasps and hornets.
  • Fleas and ticks pose a threat to both humans and pets.
  • Preventive measures can minimize the risks associated with these pests.
  • October to December:
  • Rodents seek warmth indoors, leading to potential property damage.
  • Cockroaches and spiders are more active in search of shelter.
  • Professional pest control can address infestations and prevent future occurrences.
  • By understanding the seasonal challenges and enlisting the help of knowledgeable pest control experts, South Carolina residents and businesses can protect their properties year-round. Don't let pests disrupt your peace of mind; rely on professional pest control services to maintain a pest-free environment.

    Pest Resources in South Carolina

    South Carolina is home to a range of state and regional resources that can assist residents with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is a valuable resource for residents seeking information and assistance in managing these challenges. They offer guidance on identifying and dealing with common pests, along with tips on preventing wildlife encounters and resolving conflicts.

    In addition to SCDNR, residents can turn to the Clemson Cooperative Extension for expert advice on pest control and invasive species management. Their knowledgeable staff provides educational materials and resources to help residents address various pest-related issues. The South Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council is another useful organization for those dealing with invasive plant species. They offer information on identifying and controlling invasive plants, along with contact information for local experts who can provide further assistance.

    For animal control issues, residents can contact their local animal control agencies or pest management professionals who specialize in wildlife removal. It's important to remember that dealing with certain pests and invasive species may require permits or professional intervention, so reaching out to these resources can help ensure effective and legal solutions.

    South Carolina Department of Natural Resources:


    Phone: 803-734-3886

    Clemson Cooperative Extension:


    Phone: Contact information varies by county, available on their website

    South Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council:


    Email: [email protected]