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Our Rating: 4.8/5
  • Servicing customers for more than 90 years

  • GreenPro certified for eco-friendly treatments

  • Qualified entomologists support technicians and management teams

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Very attentive staff. Seem to have mostly cured my problem in one visit but they will be coming back next week for a follow up to be sure!

April T. via yelp

What an amazing experience calling Ehrlich! We have a row home in South Philly and encountered a roach problem. We wanted to support a local business! They...

Lea D. via yelp

Tyler came out yesterday and took care of a yellow jacket nest. He did a good job. Ehrlich does a poor job in identifying a clients property location,...

Andrew Y. via yelp

Tyler came out yesterday and took care of a yellow jacket nest. He did a good job. Ehrlich does a poor job in identifying a clients property location, especially if you have multiple locations.

Andrew Y. via yelp

We are very pleased with the service we get from Scott, our Ehrlich technician. He is always prompt and if we forget a scheduled appointment and are not home, he will come back to provide the scheduled service. He always does a thorough job and offers suggestions as indicated.

Chuck C. via yelp
Our Rating: 4.8/5
100 Henderson Dr Bay 103, Sharon Hill, PA 19079
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote

Same day service

if you call by noon

30 Day money-back guarantee

This company is ran by a bunch of idiots. Just don't use them for anything. They will make your problems worse and good luck trying to speak with someone to get the issue resolved PS Orkin please do not reply to the message telling me to call the local office number you have suggested to others because I have called the number for 2 weeks without any manager getting back to me!!!! UPDATE- after leaving this review, a manager finally returned my call and made sure the issue was resolved. I updated this review from one star to 3 stars, but the lack of communication was unacceptable so I couldn't give 4 stars or more.

E V. via google

Of course the nest was in a difficult spot to get to. It was under my window frame over a short roof. He was quick and next day all dead.

AIL J. via google

We have been using Orkin for about 4 months now for mice, silverfish and wasps. The wasps are completely gone, we have caught 2 mice and we are seeing the silverfish less and less. I’ve had a couple issues with scheduling and getting on the technicians schedule but Frank Costantino is the best! He is very professional and makes his visits an enjoyable experience! Overall Orkin 7/10, Frank 10/10

Maygan H. via google

I have always had good experiences with Orkin, from the service to the results. Today's was no different - great representative, performed our check-up and application quickly, kept me informed the whole time, definitely recommend!

Andrea D. P. via google

Rodney came out today to apply our mosquito treatment. He was professional and caring. Made sure he touched base with me to see if I had concerns about the treatment or if I needed other pest services. He advised me to keep my dog inside for an hour after treatment to minimize his contact with the chemicals and double checked to make sure the gate was close for my dog. Extremely satisfied with his service.

Evon M. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Humane wildlife removal

  • Offers air purification services

  • Staff biologists with innovative solutions

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Travis was extremely helpful and professional

Stephen T. via google

They were fantastic. Brandon, Tyler, & the guys who did the work. I am Thankful.

Lynn W. via google

Travis was a true professional. Kept me informed every step of the way . My anxiety was relieved by his calm and caring manner. Thank you very much for your services. Highly recommended Travis.

Elizabeth B. via google

Squirrel removal.

Linda H. via google

Travis and Justin were fantastic!!!

Sara G. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
5185 Campus Dr, Suite 500-600, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

on Pest Control Plan

Free Inspections

Save 10%

on Rodent and Wildlife Control

Update: Terminix called after seeing my review and apologized for dropping the ball on my critter situation. They sent an inspector to my house to see how...

Lisa A. via yelp

Very happy with their service for our yard. We have not had any ticks or mosquitoes since we began using them.

Nina W. via yelp

I finally was able to speak to a live rep. Even though they saw my Yelp review and tried to handle (still haven't heard from them for weeks), I still had to...

Mike B. via yelp

My most recent technician was new. He did his "homework" and spoke with the previous technician as to what I preferred and about history on the house. My technician was pleasant, friendly, accommodating and very respectful. I had a scheduling conflict and he was able to accommodate me and with a very positive attitude. Once services were complete, he provided me with a summary of what he did.

Kathy O. via yelp

Terminix employees go above and beyond in their services. All of them arrive on time and are very helpful. I had a problem opening and closing my gate and was going to leave it open but the technician was concerned about my safety. He took a minute to show me a special way to open and close it without any problem. He was also very thorough in taking care of the property.

Phyllis G. via yelp

Understanding Pest Control Costs and Services in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Homeowners in Norristown, Pennsylvania, seeking pest control services can expect a range of pricing options depending on various factors. Generally, the initial fee for pest control services can vary significantly, typically influenced by the size of the home, the severity of the infestation, and the treatment plan chosen. Recurring service fees, which are essential for maintaining a pest-free environment, also vary and are charged on a monthly or quarterly basis. These plans might include regular inspections, treatments, and preventive measures to keep common household pests at bay. Understanding these costs and what they encompass is vital for homeowners to make informed decisions about their pest control needs.

Pest Control Expenses: A Quick Glance

When considering pest control services, homeowners might encounter a range of prices. Initial fees can range from around $175 to $350, with ongoing monthly costs typically falling between $40 and $100 for standard homes. These figures are influenced by the specific requirements of your property, including the size and the type of pests being treated. The pricing for one-time services and comprehensive annual plans can also differ, offering flexibility to suit different needs and budgets.

Comprehensive Coverage: Pests in the Plan

Pest control plans usually offer protection against a list of common pests. This list often includes ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and more. However, not all pests are covered under standard plans. For instance, termites, bed bugs, and certain types of wildlife may require separate, specialized treatment plans. It's important to review the specifics of a plan to understand which pests are included and excluded before committing to a service.

Service Agreements: Committing to Pest Control

Service contracts are commonplace in the pest control industry, with many companies requiring an annual commitment. The terms of these agreements can vary, but they often include the possibility of penalty-free cancellation within a certain timeframe. Understanding the terms of any service contract is crucial before agreeing to a pest control plan to avoid unexpected obligations or fees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Promises from Pest Control

Most pest control companies offer a guarantee of service, promising to return and re-treat the area if pests persist after initial treatment. This guarantee is a sign of confidence in the effectiveness of their service and provides peace of mind to homeowners that their pest issues will be addressed thoroughly.

Treatment Day: What to Expect

During a pest control treatment, technicians typically inspect and treat both the interior and exterior of the home. This might involve applying pesticides, setting traps, and sealing entry points to prevent future infestations. The methods used will depend on the type of pests and the extent of the infestation. Ensuring that the service is performed professionally and safely is paramount for the well-being of the household.

Maximizing Value: Bundling and Add-On Services

In an effort to provide more comprehensive protection, pest control companies offer add-on services and bundling options. These can include termite inspections, mosquito treatments, and tick control, often at discounted rates when combined with general pest control plans. These options enable homeowners to customize their pest control strategy to meet their specific needs.

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Specialty Pest Management

For infestations of specialty pests like termites, bed bugs, and certain types of wildlife, standard pest control plans might not suffice. These pests require targeted treatment strategies, and many pest control providers offer specific services to address these more challenging and potentially damaging invaders.

Choosing Your Battles: One-Time vs. Recurring Service

Homeowners must decide between one-time treatments and ongoing maintenance plans. While one-time services can address immediate infestations, recurring services focus on prevention and long-term management of pests. The latter may provide better overall value and peace of mind through regular inspections and treatments to keep pests at bay year-round.

Orkin Pricing & Plans in Norristown, Pennsylvania

When you're looking to keep your Norristown home safe and pest-free, Orkin stands as a guardian with over 120 years of experience in the business. Their team of experts undergoes extensive training – 160 hours to be exact – to handle any pest problems you might face. With Orkin's vast network of 8,000 team members across 400 locations worldwide, you can rest easy knowing they're backed by the satisfaction of 1.7 million customers.

Imagine a service that arrives at your door the very day you call – that's what Orkin offers when you call before noon, promising same-day service to address urgent pest concerns. If you're considering partnering with Orkin for the first time, there's added incentive: you'll receive $50 off your initial pest control service. This is bolstered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, showcasing a confidence in their methods and a commitment to your satisfaction.

With Orkin, the protection of your home isn't just a one-time affair. They offer customized plans to fit the specifics of your property and the nuances of your pest problem. For instance, general pest control services kick off with an initial fee of approximately $225, followed by a monthly visit averaging $55. With a minimum of seven visits a year, this investment is a strategic move in maintaining a healthy, pest-free home. For those facing a bed bug scare, Orkin's inspection costs around $116, which is credited toward treatment costs if you proceed with their services. And while termite inspections are free, the subsequent treatment plan is tailored to your home's needs, ensuring a precise and effective approach. Remember, one-time services are also available, offering a range of $250 to $1000, safeguarded by a 30-day warranty.

To top it off, Orkin doesn't just apply treatments and walk away. They're committed to an ongoing partnership. After the initial treatment, expect follow-up visits and continuous communication to deal with any emerging issues. This comprehensive approach, coupled with Orkin's time-tested expertise, is why many in Norristown and beyond trust Orkin to keep their homes safe from unwelcome critters.

Service Plan Type Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan $40-$100 /month $175- $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice. Price varies based on property sq ft and location.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal $25 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on property sq ft and location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan $40 - $110 /month $185 - $350 Price varies based on property sq ft, location, level of infestation.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Price determined after initial inspection with consideration to bed bug infestation level.

Terminix Pricing & Plans in Norristown, Pennsylvania

In Norristown, Pennsylvania, homeowners like you have been finding peace of mind with Terminix's Termite Treatment services. You've got the chance to save 10% on a termite plan, plus get a free inspection. That's a smart move for your wallet and your home's safety. Terminix tailors prices to your specific situation, with free inspections leading to customized pricing. With the Basic Termite Plan™, you could be looking at around $70 per month, and for a full year, termite prevention and treatment might be as much as $125-$150. It's critical to take action early; termites won't wait, so neither should you.

Pest invasions are no joke, and with the $50 Off Pest Control offer getting started for just $99, you're getting top-notch service without the top-tier prices. From cockroaches to spiders, Terminix covers a wide range of uninvited guests. And they do it with EPA-approved methods, which means you're not trading one worry for another. Your family's safety comes first, and you can trust that the chemicals used are applied with precision and care. Opt for the Quarterly Pest Control, starting with an initial service visit fee of $99-$120, and then a reasonable monthly fee of $40-$60. The Nix Pest Guarantee ensures that pests stay gone, or Terminix will be back at no extra cost. Taking control of your home's pest situation is just a call away, and with deals like these, it's never been easier to nix those pests for good.

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Complete interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers most common household pests including ants and roaches.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Service $50-$70 Per treatment Treatments occuring during mosquito season.
Mice & Rat Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.

You Defense Against Pests in Norristown

Which pest is the biggest problem in homes?


The most common pest problem faced by homeowners in Norristown, Pennsylvania is the presence of rodents, particularly mice and rats. These pests can cause damage to property, contaminate food, and pose health risks. It is important for homeowners to promptly address rodent infestations by seeking professional pest control services to ensure effective eradication and prevention measures are implemented.

Can I open windows if I have pets or small children after pest control?


After pest control treatment, it is generally safe to open windows, but it is important to follow specific instructions provided by the pest control company. Ensure that pets and small children are kept away from treated areas until they are deemed safe for reentry to avoid any potential risks.

Is it necessary to adjust bug spraying frequency based on season?


The frequency of bug spraying may need to be adjusted based on the season in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Different pests may be more active during certain times of the year, requiring more frequent treatments. It is important for homeowners to consult with a local pest control expert to determine the appropriate schedule for bug spraying in their area.

Can roaches be seen crawling out of cracks or openings in the walls?


Roaches can indeed be seen crawling out of cracks or openings in the walls in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Homeowners in this city may encounter such sightings and should take appropriate measures to address the infestation promptly.

Do different pest control companies have different pricing structures?


Different pest control companies in Norristown, Pennsylvania may have varying pricing structures. Homeowners should contact multiple companies to obtain quotes and compare services and prices. It is advisable to consider factors such as reputation, experience, and effectiveness of treatments when making a decision.

Should I remove pets from the house before spraying for bugs inside?


It is generally recommended to remove pets from the house before spraying for bugs inside. This precaution ensures their safety and minimizes their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Get Free Assistance in Norristown

Norristown, Pennsylvania, is a thriving city located in Montgomery County. Residents of Norristown who are facing challenges with pests, wildlife, animal control, and invasive plant and animal issues can rely on various local resources for assistance.

For pest control, the Norristown Health Department is a valuable resource. They offer information and guidance on managing pests, including contact details for licensed pest control professionals in the area. Residents can reach the Norristown Health Department at (610) 278-5117 for further assistance.

When it comes to wildlife and animal control, the Pennsylvania Game Commission should be contacted. They provide resources and advice on dealing with wildlife-related issues, including nuisance animals and wildlife rehabilitation. The Pennsylvania Game Commission can be reached at (717) 787-4250 for assistance.

Invasive plant and animal issues can be addressed by reaching out to the Montgomery County Conservation District. They offer guidance and support to residents dealing with invasive species, providing information on identification, management, and control. The Montgomery County Conservation District can be contacted at (610) 489-4506 for further assistance.

By utilizing these local resources, residents of Norristown can effectively address pest, wildlife, animal control, and invasive plant and animal issues in their community.

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