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Our Rating: 4.8/5
  • Servicing customers for more than 90 years

  • GreenPro certified for eco-friendly treatments

  • Qualified entomologists support technicians and management teams

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I have a bi-level home w/ ENORMOUS WOLF SPIDERS in my garage that connects to my bottom living room, while we have not completely eradicated the issue yet, my reason for leaving a review is really about my technician, Dominique Day. He is amazing. He is so friendly, helpful, professional, and always on time. I think he deserves recognition from leadership. I will continue to use Ehrlich, even though we haven not fully resolved my spider issue, because of Dominique.

Keah P.via Google

Second time using Ehrlich's. Rick was pleasant, personable and informative.

Cindy L.via Google

My service tech is awesome. He makes sure my home is pest free. Only thing I don’t care for is the scheduling tool they have moved to. Sometimes a 2-3 day notice isn’t the most convenient to schedule around. It would be ideal if when my service tech was leaving we could discuss a mutually convenient time to schedule ahead.

Patty P.via Google

We had Chris today who can by and he was so polite and great. Actually, all of the people from your company that came by were excellent! We also had another guy named Darrell that came by a few months ago and he was just so knowledgeable and just a great guy! Please let them know that they did a really awesome job! Thank you!!!

Sara B.via Google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
6769 Industrial Pkwy , North Olmsted, OH 44070
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

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My initial appointment was scheduled within 24 hours of my phone call. Scott arrived promptly and identified multiple problem areas to attend to to prevent further issues with rodents. Traps were placed and recommendations for sealing problem areas were given. The premises was treated for insects. An appointment was made for rechecks and a complete home inspection. I appreciate the quickness and ease of the entire process.

Laura A. via google

I am so over the moon with Orkin! I came home to ants in my kitchen on Tuesday afternoon and Orkin was at my house at 9:00 the next morning! Latoya was amazing on the phone and got me on the schedule in less than 24 hours! Kevin our service man was so professional and kind. I would recommend Orkin to everyone? I haven’t seen one ant since Orkin left! Thank you for saving me and my sanity?

Kelly B. via google

Larry was amazing! So kind, and very informative!! Very detailed and explained everything thoroughly. He was in and out within the hour and didn’t rush his time either. I appreciate the time he took to take care of our home. I would definitely recommend!!! Thank you LARRY!

Sierra J. via google

I just had Orkin do an Orkin Shield service on my home to help with a significant mouse problem. Ted and Mike were very knowledgeable and even found some hidden entry places that were missed by others. They were friendly and very professional at the same time.

MaryBeth R. via google

The Orkin visit went very well. The Technician was very knowledgeable, very thorough. A pleasant person. He sprayed throughout the entire house and attic. He was even able to unlock a frozen gate lock to spray around the house in the back yard. I was very satisfied with the appointment. Thanks, Erma Albergottie

Erma A. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended for wildlife removal by local and state agencies

  • Provides bilingual support line to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Operates in 29 states across the eastern U.S., Midwest, and Southwest

Insured and Bonded Services


Satisfaction Guarantee

Opt-Out Annual Contracts

Great service to determine where birds were getting into my attic.

Lynn A. via google

Had a raccoon in my garage. Called and they came out same day. Had to call reinforcements as critter didnt want to leave.

Peggy R. via google

This was a great company to work for very pleasant and knowledgable employees. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!

Teresa R. via google

Finally found a great pest control company. Responsive, timely, and finishes the job. Thank you Trutech!

Jeffrey B. via google

I had mice almost intruding into my home. Trutech representative Gene came out and recommended they block where the mice were burrowing, and maintenance with bait stations. Every month Matthew checks the stations and inspects so no new burrows are starting around my home. This Company has the nicest, most professional, and dependable employees.

Sharon N. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
17515 Engle Lake Dr, Suite A, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

on Pest Control Plan

Free Inspections

Save 10%

on Rodent and Wildlife Control

Service tech (Tom) is great. Tick control has been dramatic and after second application dogs and us humans have been tick free. We live surrounded by woods and the mice and ticks are under control. Services: Home inspection , Rodent extermination , Termite inspection , Spider extermination , General pest inspection , Bug & insect extermination , Ant extermination

Jody W. via google

Positive: Professionalism Brett is awesome Service: Bed bug extermination

Adam via google

Positive: Professionalism , Punctuality , Quality , Responsiveness , Value

Isabel M. via google

Service: General pest inspection Positive: Responsiveness

James G. via google

Our Bug Man Bob is the best. Exceptional communication and we have not bugs.

Terri L. via google

Understanding Pest Control Costs and Services in Strongsville, Ohio

Homeowners in Strongsville, Ohio seeking pest control services can expect to navigate a range of pricing options depending on various factors such as home size, infestation level, and treatment methods. Generally, pest control services may charge an initial fee followed by a monthly or quarterly fee for recurring treatments. Initial fees can range significantly, and monthly services may cost anywhere from $40 to $100 for average homes. These costs typically cover a multitude of common household pests and vary based on the complexity of each case and the pest control plan chosen.

Pest Control Service Pricing

In Strongsville, Ohio, the cost of pest control services is influenced by the specifics of the situation, including the size of the property, the intensity of the infestation, and the types of pests involved. Service providers typically charge an upfront fee for the initial treatment, which can vary from modest to substantial amounts. Following the initial treatment, ongoing service fees are generally billed on a monthly or quarterly basis. The monthly fees are designed to maintain a pest-free environment and can fluctuate based on the plan's comprehensiveness.

Pests: What's Included and What's Not

Covered Critters

Pest control plans commonly include treatment for a variety of intruders such as ants, spiders, rodents, and cockroaches. However, it's important to note that some pests, like termites, bed bugs, and certain types of ants and rodents, may require specialized treatment plans that are not included in standard packages.

The Exceptions

Certain pests like honeybees, mosquitoes, and wildlife may not be covered under traditional pest plans. Homeowners may need to consider additional services or consult with specialists for these particular pest concerns.

Understanding Contracts

Commitment Details

Many pest control companies require a service agreement or contract which outlines the terms of service, typically spanning a year or more. These agreements detail the frequency of treatments and the types of services provided.

Cancellation Policies

Before signing, it's essential to understand the policy for canceling the service. Some companies may impose a cancellation fee if the service is terminated before the contract ends, while others may offer more flexibility with cancellations.

Service Guarantees

Assurance of Satisfaction

Most pest control companies offer some form of guarantee, promising a certain level of effectiveness and customer satisfaction. This may include re-treatment at no additional cost if pests reappear between scheduled visits.

Money-Back Options

Some providers may offer a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the results, providing additional peace of mind and a sense of security in the service.

During the Visit: What to Expect

Inside and Out

Technicians typically perform a thorough inspection both inside and outside the home, followed by a tailored treatment plan to target the pests identified. This may involve sealing entry points, applying treatments to affected areas, and setting up preventive measures.

The Follow-Up

Regular follow-up treatments are usually part of the service to ensure that pests are kept at bay. The frequency and intensity of these treatments depend on the specific pest control plan chosen.

Bundling Services and Add-Ons

Tailored Packages

Many companies offer the option to bundle various pest control services for comprehensive protection, which can also provide cost savings compared to purchasing services separately.

Extra Services

Additional services for pests not included in the standard plan, such as mosquitoes or ticks, can often be added for an extra fee. This allows for customization based on the homeowner's specific needs.

Specialty Pests and Focused Treatments

Unique Infestations

For pests that require specialized attention, such as termites or bed bugs, dedicated treatment plans are available. These treatments may be more intensive and costlier than general pest control services.

Expertise Required

Addressing these challenging infestations typically requires a higher level of expertise and specialized techniques to effectively manage and eliminate the pests.

One-Time vs. Recurring Service

Immediate Assistance

While many pest control services emphasize ongoing, recurring treatments to prevent future infestations, some situations may only require a one-time service.

Long-Term Defense

Recurring services are designed to provide continuous protection and are ideal for those looking to maintain a consistent defense against pests over time.

Orkin Pricing & Plans in Strongsville, Ohio

When it comes to safeguarding your Strongsville home from unwelcome critters, Orkin stands out with over a century of experience and a reputation backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have a robust team of over 8000 members, ensuring that local homeowners like you receive the expert attention needed to tackle any pest issue.

If you're ready to take action against pests, you'll be pleased to know that Orkin offers a swift response—call before noon for same-day service. Plus, you can grab a fast, no-obligation quote to kickstart your pest control journey. As a bonus, new customers can enjoy $50 off their first pest control service. Rest easy with their 30-day money-back guarantee, which promises that if you're not satisfied, they'll make it right.

Now, let's talk about the services you can expect from Orkin. They don't just come in with a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, they tailor their approach to your specific needs. Whether you're battling bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, or the run-of-the-mill household pests, Orkin's got your back. Their initial pest control service and inspection range between $175-$350, depending on the size of your home and the level of the infestation, with most fees averaging around $225. This is followed by a treatment plan that could cost you between $45-$100 a month, with an average of $55, ensuring your home stays pest-free year-round.

Remember, each pest issue is unique, like a termite infestation requiring a free inspection before determining the treatment cost. For those pesky mosquitoes, you might start with an initial fee that could even be waived, followed by a monthly cost that averages around $50.

In Strongsville, you've got a friend in Orkin. They're here to help you protect what matters most—your home and family. With customized treatment plans and a team of highly trained professionals, you can trust that your home will be in good hands.

Service Plan Type Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan $40-$100 /month $175- $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice. Price varies based on property sq ft and location.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal $25 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on property sq ft and location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan $40 - $110 /month $185 - $350 Price varies based on property sq ft, location, level of infestation.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Price determined after initial inspection with consideration to bed bug infestation level.

Terminix Pricing & Plans in Strongsville, Ohio

For homeowners in Strongsville, Ohio, taking proactive steps to protect your home and family from unwanted pests is critical. With spring approaching, pests will be on the move, and Terminix offers you a chance to stay ahead. For instance, the Premium Termite Plan™ can shield your home from the silent destroyers—termites—and when coupled with pest control, offers significant savings. By bundling services, you can put an average of $175 back in your pocket and benefit from a meticulous inspection at no extra cost. Trust in Terminix to provide the defense your home needs with a strategy that fits your budget.

When considering your family's safety, know that all pest control services from Terminix utilize EPA-approved substances that, when properly administered, are harmless to both pets and people. Right now, get started with a $50 discount on Pest Control and begin for just $99. This service covers an extensive range of pests, including roaches, mice, and spiders—minus the notorious black widow and brown recluse. Choose between a one-time service backed by the Nix Pest Guarantee™ or opt for the convenience and continuity of Quarterly Pest Control. With the latter, an initial service visit fee starts at $99, followed by an affordable monthly fee. Rest assured, with Terminix, your home is in competent hands, and your family's safety is the priority.

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Complete interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers most common household pests including ants and roaches.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Service $50-$70 Per treatment Treatments occuring during mosquito season.
Mice & Rat Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.

Weather & Pests in Strongsville

How do I safely handle and dispose of pests I've captured?


When capturing pests in Strongsville, Ohio, it is important to handle them safely and dispose of them properly. To ensure a safe and effective approach, the pests should be placed in a secure container or bag, preventing their escape. Contacting a local pest control professional is recommended for guidance on proper disposal methods to adhere to local regulations and maintain a pest-free environment.

Do mice completely disappear or could they return after a certain period?


Mice may not completely disappear from Strongsville, Ohio, as they can find their way back after a certain period. Homeowners should take proactive measures to prevent re-infestation, such as sealing entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and implementing appropriate pest control strategies. Professional assistance can ensure effective mouse control and minimize the chances of their return.

Should I target specific outdoor structures with bug spray (e.g., sheds, playsets)?


When dealing with outdoor structures in Strongsville, Ohio, it is advisable to target specific areas with bug spray. This includes sheds and playsets, as they can provide shelter and breeding grounds for pests. Regular treatment can help control infestations and protect your property from potential damage.

What precautions do professionals take during pest control treatments?


During pest control treatments in Strongsville, Ohio, professionals take several precautions to ensure safety and effectiveness. They may use protective clothing, such as gloves and masks, to minimize exposure to chemicals. They also follow proper application techniques and adhere to local regulations to prevent any harm to the environment and residents. Additionally, professionals may advise homeowners to temporarily vacate the premises during treatment and to thoroughly clean the area after the process.

How often should I schedule professional pest control services?


Pest control services should be scheduled on a regular basis in Strongsville, Ohio, to effectively manage pest infestations. It is recommended to schedule professional pest control services at least once every three months to ensure ongoing protection against pests in your home.

Can certain fragrances prevent ants from entering the house?


Certain fragrances, such as peppermint or cinnamon, may deter ants from entering the house. These scents can mask the ants' pheromone trails and confuse them, making your home less appealing to these pests.

Get Free Assistance in Strongsville

Strongsville, Ohio, located in Cuyahoga County, offers a range of local resources to assist residents with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues. The city and state recognize the importance of maintaining a harmonious environment for its residents.

For pest control concerns, residents can reach out to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health at 216-201-2000. They provide guidance, education, and resources to address common pests such as rodents, insects, and nuisance wildlife. The board can offer advice on prevention, proper waste management, and safe pest control methods.

To tackle wildlife and animal control issues, including encounters with raccoons, skunks, or other wildlife species, residents can contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE. They can provide information on wildlife behavior, prevention techniques, and, if necessary, refer residents to licensed wildlife control operators.

Residents concerned about invasive plant and animal species can seek guidance from the Ohio Invasive Plants Council (OIPC). While OIPC does not offer direct control services, they provide educational resources and information to help residents identify and manage invasive species in their area. Their website,, offers valuable resources and contact information for additional assistance.

Remember, it's always important to consult with professionals in the field for accurate information and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

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