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Pest Invaders in Decatur

Residents of Decatur, Illinois may encounter a range of pests that can disrupt their daily lives and pose potential threats to their homes. One common nuisance in the area is ants, which can invade kitchens, pantries, and other food storage areas in search of sustenance. These tiny insects can contaminate food and become a persistent annoyance.

Additionally, Decatur residents may face issues with rodents such as mice and rats. These pests can cause extensive damage by gnawing on wires, insulation, and structural materials, leading to potential safety hazards. Moreover, rodents are known carriers of various diseases, making their presence a health concern for households.

Furthermore, Decatur's warm and humid climate also makes it favorable for other pests like mosquitoes and termites. Mosquitoes not only disrupt outdoor activities but also pose a risk of transmitting diseases such as West Nile virus. Termites, on the other hand, can silently devour wooden structures, causing significant structural damage over time.

Given the potential problems caused by these pests, it's crucial for Decatur residents to consider professional pest control services. Expert pest control technicians can assess the infestation, implement effective treatment strategies, and provide valuable advice on preventive measures to safeguard homes and promote peace of mind.

Our Rating: 3.8/5
  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

  • Free Return Service between regularly scheduled visits

Greg was very quick to come and inspect the home for the mice presence from the basement, the main floor and up into the attic. Then around the outside looking at entryways. The team of two was out within a couple couple to clean and disinfect the whole basement and replace basement insulation. Our newly purchased home smelled good again. It had bee left empty for a month and the mice had taken advantage. Now someone comes out monthly and eventually quarterly to spray the home for insects and check for any signs of mice. They are only a phone call away if pest problems pop up. All 4 of my contacts were courteous, genuinely nice people

Lynn G. via google

My consultant Greg, was very engaged in the process. He walked me through everything he was seeing and doing. He was courteous and very professional. I have four home that I own, if I ever run into a pest problem, I will definitely call Greg.

Lori H. via google

Service is great, the professional we had was extremely nice, courtesy and trustworthy. The company had no delay in getting a serviceman out immediately, price was reasonable compared to bigger company name. The professional serviceman, I believe his name was John is always in touch and extremely trustworthy.

Kerry M. via google

I have worked with Dave from Presto-X for many years, and have always been impressed! He takes care of our very large church building and is always on top of things. Not only has he always been consistent in our maintenance, he shows up quickly any time we have extra issues we need his help with. This past year as things have been a bit crazy, he has been incredibly flexible...willing to work with our unreliable office hours. We appreciate Dave and Presto-X for taking care of us!

Cara B. via google

Our technician, Dave, is the best. He responds, listens and does a very thorough job. If we need anything, he is back out within a day or two. Very pleased with our service!

Marcia K. via google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
4114 Fieldstone Rd Ste A, Champaign, IL 61822
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote

Same day service

if you call by noon

30 Day money-back guarantee

Friendly and call ahead service. Doesn't take too long to do your home and your bug and rodent free. Have used them for over a year. A good preventive service!

Phyllis F. via google

The Orkin professional who arrived at my apartment on 11/03/2023 was extremely professional. I did not catch his name but I will update this review if I have the same professional next month. He said he will be the new employee to treat this apartment building, and what a breath of fresh air that is because the previous employee did not treat the unit fully (only briefly sprayed under the stove and put a few bits of bait gel out instead of actually listening to my concerns of where I have been seeing pests) and was in and out of the unit quickly without answering questions. However, this new currently assigned employee was very professional. He said he is going to start leaving a courtesy card in residents' apartments to let them know that Orkin has been in their home to treat which I appreciate since I have a cat, so if I am outside my home when Orkin treats then I will know to keep my cat away from the area for a few hours. He also discussed pet-safe methods to fight pests, and he fully inspected my kitchen and fully treated multiple areas of it (inside cabinets, along stove overheat fan, behind refrigerator, by water heater, along cracks and crevices, and by dishwasher and baseboards). He also treated the bathrooms. He also informed me of a regular and consistent treatment schedule to be implemented of the first Friday of the month. Before this visit, there was unfortunately no regularly recurring treatment schedule so pests were getting out of hand: it was kind of just a free-for-all of when Orkin was going to show up or not which was hectic as residents all have a variety of different lives and schedules. Also, I want to thank this Orkin professional for waiting for a few minutes at the door and not leaving when it took me a few minutes to come to the door as I was in the middle of something. Now I will know when to expect Orkin and I can add it to my calendar, which helps to have a head's up if someone is going to be entering someone's home. Thank you again, 5/5 experience today and I am looking forward to seeing if the pests will be eliminated over the next few months due to the unit now being properly treated.

C R. via google

We’ve had our inspection and first treatment. My parents are very impressed and thankful that Orkin took our worst case scenario and turned it into a walk in the park for us! We are very grateful!

Debra D. via google

As a woman, it was be very intimidating to have a stranger in your home. The person who answered the phone as well as the tech who came, Ricky, were nonjudgmental, warm, and knowledgeable. They took their time to make sure they understood my pest problem. I felt safe and my concerns and questions were taken seriously. Orkin was also able to offer same day service which put my mind at ease! I really appreciate their help.

Allison W. via google

I purchased a home three years ago and didn't realize the previous owners had a history of pest issues. Orkin has worked really hard to address these issues, and the different technicians have each all added to the process of resolving my concerns. Orkin is very responsive in regards to any follow-up that has to be done between appointments. Some things are worth paying for, and Orkin's service is one of those things.

James W. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
8371 Katie Rd, Clinton, IL 61727
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

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Ben is a great technician. He takes his time while carefully examining any situation, while simultaneously explaining to the customer what is actually taking place. He is very professional and articulate and we are extremely appreciative of his services.

Charlie F. via google

He treated our home like it was his own. Took time and great care in explaining everything. Very nice

Anne M. via google

Brent is an awesome technician and was very thorough and knowledgeable. The best inspection in my 28 years dealing with this. I hope I get him as inspector next year. Thank you, Brent, for a great inspection. Patty

Patty G. via google

I have had a great experience with the process from beginning to end. From setting up the appointment to the customer service provided by the onsite tech. And the end result is the system works. This is the 2nd home I've had Terminix service and both experiences have been great! Highly recommend.

Mathew D. via google

Everyone that we have talked to on the phone, in person or that has came out and provided a service have been nice and professional. They do a great job of explaining what they are doing and making sure to check and see if you have any questions.

Kari M. via google

Pest Control Pricing for Decatur, Illinois

When it comes to pest control services in Decatur, Illinois, there are several factors and considerations that can influence the pricing. The prices mentioned in the table below are estimates and may vary depending on specific circumstances.

The first factor to consider is the service type. For a one-time treatment, the price ranges from $164.94 to $384.86. Ongoing maintenance services range from $32.99 to $109.96, while emergency services can cost between $219.92 and $549.80.

The size of the property also plays a role in determining the price. For small properties (less than 1,000 sq ft), the cost ranges from $164.94 to $274.90. Medium-sized properties (1,000-2,000 sq ft) can expect prices between $219.92 and $439.84. Larger properties (over 2,000 sq ft) may have prices ranging from $384.86 to $769.72.

The location of the property is another factor. For urban areas, prices range from $274.90 to $439.84, while suburban areas can expect prices between $219.92 and $384.86. Rural areas may have prices ranging from $164.94 to $329.88.

The extent of the infestation is also considered. For minor infestations, prices range from $164.94 to $274.90. Moderate infestations can cost between $274.90 and $439.84, while severe infestations may range from $439.84 to $769.72.

Additional factors that can influence the price include the age of the property and the type of treatment required. Newer properties may have lower prices, starting from $27.49, while older properties may range from $27.49 to $54.98. Different types of treatments, such as fumigation or heat treatment, can have varying costs, ranging from $109.96 to $384.86.

It is important to note that these prices are estimates and may vary based on specific circumstances. It is recommended to contact a local pest control exterminator in Decatur, Illinois, to get an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

Low Range Mid Range High Range
One-time treatment $164.94 $274.90 $384.86
Ongoing maintenance $32.99 $71.47 $109.96
Emergency services $219.92 $384.86 $549.80
Small Property (less than 1,000 sq ft) $164.94 $219.92 $274.90
Medium Property (1,000-2,000 sq ft) $219.92 $329.88 $439.84
Large Property (over 2,000 sq ft) $384.86 $549.80 $769.72
Urban Location $274.90 $357.37 $439.84
Suburban Location $219.92 $302.39 $384.86
Rural Location $164.94 $247.41 $329.88
Minor Infestation $164.94 $219.92 $274.90
Moderate Infestation $274.90 $357.37 $439.84
Severe Infestation $439.84 $604.78 $769.72
Fumigation $109.96 $219.92 $329.88
Heat treatment $164.94 $274.90 $384.86

Year Round Pest Control in Decatur

Decatur, Illinois is fortunate to have a local pest control service that specializes in addressing the unique pest challenges of the area. With their expertise and knowledge of the local environment, they are able to provide effective solutions to residents and businesses in need.

Pest control services are important throughout the year in Decatur, Illinois. Here is a month-by-month breakdown of the specific pest challenges and reasons why professional pest control is crucial:

  • January: Rodents such as rats and mice seek shelter indoors during the cold winter months.
  • February: Bed bugs can thrive in heated indoor environments, causing sleepless nights and infestations.
  • March: Termites start swarming, signaling the need for termite inspections and preventive treatments.
  • April: Ants become more active as the weather warms up, invading homes and businesses in search of food.
  • May: Mosquitoes start breeding, posing a threat to public health due to their ability to transmit diseases.
  • June: Wasps and hornets build nests, leading to potential stings and allergic reactions.
  • July: Flies multiply rapidly, spreading diseases and contaminating food.
  • August: Spiders become more prevalent indoors, causing fear and potential bites.
  • September: Fleas and ticks thrive in the summer heat, posing risks to pets and humans.
  • October: Stink bugs invade homes seeking warmth, emitting a foul odor when disturbed.
  • November: Rats and mice seek shelter again as temperatures drop, increasing the risk of structural damage and health hazards.
  • December: Bed bugs can still be active in heated indoor environments, necessitating ongoing vigilance and treatment.
  • Professional pest control services in Decatur, Illinois play a vital role in protecting homes and businesses from these pests throughout the year. Whether it's preventing infestations, eradicating existing pests, or providing ongoing maintenance, their expertise ensures a pest-free environment for the community.

    Weather & Pests in Decatur

    Is it safe to sleep in my house if I have uncovered pet food or water bowls?


    It is generally safe to sleep in a house with uncovered pet food or water bowls in Decatur, Illinois. However, it is important to note that uncovered pet food can attract pests like ants, rodents, and insects. To minimize the risk, it is recommended to cover or store pet food properly to prevent unwanted visitors.

    Is there a specific season for bug spraying?


    In Decatur, Illinois, bug spraying can be done throughout the year. However, the most effective time for pest control treatments is during the spring and summer months when insects are more active. It is recommended to schedule regular inspections and treatments to prevent infestations and ensure a pest-free home.

    Can poor sanitation or cleanliness habits contribute to a sudden roach infestation?


    Poor sanitation and cleanliness habits can contribute to a sudden roach infestation in Decatur, Illinois. Cockroaches are attracted to dirty and cluttered environments, as it provides them with food sources and hiding places. Maintaining a clean and sanitary home, regularly removing trash, and sealing any entry points can help prevent roaches from infesting your property.

    Are Orkin's roach treatments safe for pets and children?


    Orkin's roach treatments are generally safe for pets and children when used according to their instructions. However, it is always recommended to take precautions and keep pets and children away from treated areas until they have dried or as advised by the pest control professional.

    Can catnip keep cockroaches away?


    Catnip is not known to be an effective method for keeping cockroaches away. For reliable pest control solutions in Decatur, Illinois, it is recommended to consult with a local exterminator who can provide expert advice and appropriate treatments to effectively eliminate cockroach infestations.

    Is it necessary to hire professionals for fogging, or can I do it myself and reenter immediately?


    It is recommended to hire professionals for fogging in Decatur, Illinois. They have the expertise and equipment to ensure effective treatment. DIY fogging may not achieve the desired results, and it is advisable to follow safety guidelines and reenter the treated area only after the recommended time.

    Pest Resources in Decatur

    Decatur, Illinois is a vibrant city located in Macon County. With its rich history and strong community spirit, Decatur offers a variety of local resources to assist residents in dealing with pest, wildlife, or animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues.

    One valuable resource is the Macon County Animal Control, which provides assistance and information regarding animal-related concerns. They can be reached at (217) 425-4508 and are available to offer guidance on issues such as stray animals, pet adoptions, and animal complaints.

    Additionally, the University of Illinois Extension – Macon County provides valuable information on invasive plant and animal species. Their website offers educational resources and tips on how to identify and control these invasive species. They can be contacted at (217) 877-6042 for more information.

    For residents facing challenges with pest control, the Macon County Health Department is a helpful resource. They offer guidance on pest management and can be contacted at (217) 423-6988 for further assistance.

    Decatur and the surrounding region are fortunate to have these local resources available to address various pest, wildlife, and invasive species concerns. By reaching out to these organizations, residents can find the support they need in maintaining a safe and pest-free environment.

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    Decatur, IL 62522

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