12 Essential Baby Protection Products For The Home

Expecting a baby is one of those moments when parents have all kinds of mixed feelings. On one hand, you are excited about the new bundle of joy you are expecting. It is a life-changing event that will see you take responsibility for a new person your entire life. On the other hand, it may be overwhelming especially if you don’t know what to expect.

Definitely, you will have to change a lot in your life just to accommodate the new bundle of joy. As a parent, you will learn that you no longer have the privilege to sleep through the night.

Despite that fact that your child may be an awesome sleeper, you will just find yourself walking up a couple of times and tiptoeing just to check whether they are still breathing.

The journey of parenthood will also leave you with the responsibility of ensuring that the baby is safe. Babies are vulnerable as they grow and, as parents, we do everything in our power to ensure that the child is not harmed in any way.

There are numerous baby safety products on the market that will help you achieve the objective of “baby-proofing” your home safe for the little one.

Must-Have Baby Protection Products At Home

1. Gates Shields

After the baby starts crawling, one of the most important baby safety products that you need to have is small gates. These are installed on the stairs and other places you don’t want your child to access.

However, with time and the child growing up, they may try to fit into the small gaps. This may cause injuries to the child and that’s not what you really want.

To avoid this, gates shields are used in these gates to prevent the child from getting stuck. This baby protection product is usually easy to install and to ensure that the baby is able to see the view, use the crystal clear one.

2. Oven Lock

The oven is one of the frequently used kitchen appliances. While baking your favorite cake, ensure that you have safety locks on, to prevent the child from getting burnt.

Children are curious and when they are able to distinguish types of foods, it means that you are likely to get more of their visit in the kitchen. Since you may be distracted to notice them going over to the oven, ensure that the lock is strong enough to keep the child away.

3. Socket Guard

Sockets pose the risk of electrocution to children when not well handled. Usually, children may put in metallic or wet objects in the unused sockets. There is need to ensure that all the unused sockets in the house have socket guards.

Socket guard

They are usually installed over the existing sockets and also allow electronic devices to be plugged in when needed. Once the electronic is removed, the socket guard automatically covers and this ensures that the child will not be touching the socket.

4. Corner Cushions

Sharp corners, especially on furniture, may hurt your child while they are playing around the house. Some walls in the house may also have sharp corners that need to be made safe for the children.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to have cushions put into place. The case of furniture, these cushions will be placed at the sharp edge and are soft to prevent any injury to the child. For the walls, longer and wider corner cushions are available on the market.

6. Secure Baby Tub

Bath time can be a challenge to a parent while using the normal bath tub. There is the risk of the child sliding from your arm. In fact, to new parents, bath time is the most feared experience of taking care of the child.

However, this can be made easier by using this baby protection product. It is not only comfortable for the child but also safe. They are inflatable and, therefore, no need to worry about space.

6. Baby Crib Rail

Most of us fear the child falling from the crib while you put them down for a nap or at night. In fact, the reason why many of us don’t sleep through the night is visualizing the baby sleeping on the edge.

Baby crib Rail

However, this should not be the case for worry as baby crib rail is one of the baby protection products that is going to make the experience of parenthood enjoyable. While choosing the right baby crib for your baby, consider the weight of the baby to ensure that it does not give in.

7. Safety Latches

There is a lot of equipment in the house that requires safety locks or latches. These are baby protection products that you cannot afford to lack at home. When the child starts to walk, ensure that you have window locks on.

The child may use furniture to reach the window and if not well secured, they may fall. Door locks are also necessary in order to keep the baby out of places that may not be safe for them. For instance, have locks on doors leading to kitchen or bathroom.

Electrical appliances pose risks to children especially when they are discovering things. In the kitchen, apart from having the locks at the door ensure that any electrical appliances that are within the reach of the child have the safety latches. For instance, place safety latches at a higher point in the fridge. Same case goes for microwaves and other electrical appliances.

8. Video Monitor

When the baby is taking a nap, this is the great time for you to carry out various tasks around the house. However, most of us are overwhelmed and keeps on checking out the baby.

This means that by the time the baby wakes up, you hardly even took a shower. To avoid all this, what you need is a video monitor. The portable device means that you will be able to check on the baby from any part of the house.

With advanced technology, the video monitors also have an automatic night vision and this means that you will not have to disturb children while checking them out at night.

9. Grip Tub Handle

Babies grow up very fast and you will hardly recognize that they are no longer the infant you once brought home. In fact, you will only realize that they are growing up when they no longer fit into your favorite romper. As the child grows up, you will also be forced to change the way you treat them.

At this time, you are more confident while giving them a bath. In fact, they are able to grasp things and it comes to point you need to introduce grip tub handles. This grip makes you feel secure while bathing the child and it makes it easier for the child to enter and also leave the tub.

10. Feeding Chairs

Feeding time can really frustrate you especially when the baby is older enough to hold their own spoon. Usually, the baby wants to eat their food out of the plate without it being shoveled into their mouth.

Feeding chairs

It is the time to introduce the feeding chair that will allow the child to sit with you at the dining table. The chair should possess high stability and if it foldable, it should have a lock. This will ensure that it does not fold when the baby is seated on it.

11. Cabinets And Cupboard Locks

Children are more inquisitive as to check out what is hidden in the cupboard. This leads to them pulling the drawers or opening the cupboards just to satisfy their curiosity.

This may not end well as it may result in their fingers being hurt. Moreover, these places may contain harmful products such as medicine and cutlery. To avoid this danger, ensure that you have locks in place.

This baby protection product will ensure that the baby does not have access to these items. Additionally, heavy products may also fall on the child trying to reach the cabinet.

12. Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detector

While keeping the baby warm by having a fireplace, you may fail to detect the increased level of carbon monoxide in the house. The two are important baby protection products that will ensure that your child is safe.

Usually, carbon monoxide is not detected by smell and, for this reason, it is referred to as silent killer. Always ensure that you have a carbon monoxide detector especially if you regularly light the fireplace.

Smoke detectors, on the other hand, will protect your child from the harmful fumes. Most importantly, during a fire emergency, one may be able to act first as the device detect the slightest amount of smoke.

All these baby protection products discussed will help you have an easy time taking care of the little one. By baby proofing your home, you will also be able to achieve the greatest objective each parent has and that is to protect their child against any form of harm.

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