Ultimate DIY Smart Doorbell Cameras – Security, Day and Night

For some, it can be scary to see who is at your front door, especially if you are elderly or alone. You never know who might be ringing your doorbell. Most of the time, it will just be a friend or family member, but it can also be a prank or, in a worst case scenario, it is a criminal trying to get into your home.

Fortunately, there is a useful tool you can use for seeing who is at your front door—without even having to open it. A doorbell camera is basically a ring video doorbell with a security camera, motion sensor, and two-way conversation smart video capabilities, which is designed to help you see who is at the door from wherever you are situated.

A camera with high-definition video is helpful as it ensures you do not have to open your door to see who is there. Better still, the video intercom display clearly confirms who is there. As the camera focuses, it allows you to work out who is there and whether it is safe enough to open the door for them.

Today’s doorbell cameras are very easy to use. You can quickly get one of these installed in your home and programmed to work as quickly as possible. You will still have to watch for the features that come with such a camera so you have an option that is suitable for any need you may have.

How Does A Doorbell Camera Work?

A doorbell camera is a unique tool that helps keep your home secure. It uses a camera lens that is paired with your traditional doorbell. The two parts work together to analyze what is happening in any place you are located. It is a simple choice for your security needs that will do well for you.

A doorbell camera comes with four parts:

  1. A traditional button is included at the bottom part.
  2. A camera lens is right above the button (this reviews who is standing at the door).
  3. A speaker allows you to hear what is happening. You can even use a monitoring program to directly interact with the person at the door through the speaker. This is an optional feature though.
  4. A computer program or mobile app lets you review the camera’s signals in real-time. This has to be paired up to your doorbell through an online connection that is always available.

This is a basic design that is easy to install and use. These all pair with many devices and are easy to monitor.

How Do You Install A Camera?

It is very easy for you to install a doorbell camera. A few steps can be used here:

  1. Remove the old doorbell button.
  2. Line up your new doorbell camera into the original place.
  3. Connect the wiring for your doorbell into the proper terminals. A doorbell camera should be able to work with the same terminals that your old one worked in.
  4. Secure the doorbell into its proper place. The materials needed vary based on the size of the doorbell or the type of door you are getting it fastened in.
  5. Get a proper connection prepared between a mobile device or computer and the doorbell. This should work with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

The installation process should all work with as few wires as possible. The only wires you might really need are the ones required for securing the bell in place just like what you might already see out of a traditional model.

It only takes a few minutes to get the doorbell installed. You do not need to get a professional to help you out with getting it ready either. You will have to test the bell and camera after you are done installing it so you can be certain what you are using is managed right.

How Do You Use An App?

An application can be used alongside your smart doorbell camera. For this to work, you will need to get a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth link set up.

You can use the app to review what is happening with your doorbell in real time. The app can give you several features like a full review of the camera and the ability to hear what someone is saying into the speaker. This also lets you use a microphone on your device to send voice signals to the doorbell speaker. This lets you interact with someone.

An app can also open up in the event someone rings your doorbell. The app lets you immediately see what is happening without having to open it up yourself. It responds quickly and does well for all your reviewing needs.

You can even use it if you are far from home. This is, of course, provided that the app can link to an online network and that your camera is a part of it.

What To Find In Your Camera

Although a doorbell camera is vital for keeping your front door secure, you must look at how well a camera can operate for your needs. There are a few important points to look into as you find a great camera for your needs:

  • Look at the resolution on your camera. A 720p or greater camera should be good enough. Such a resolution gives you a better look at what is there.
  • The coverage area on the lens is also important. A 180-degree lens is helpful for letting you see everything on your front porch.
  • The lens must be secured with a solid cover. This should be scratch-proof and easy to wash off.
  • See how large or small the camera housing is. Some doorbells can be just three inches in size at the longest point. Also, while many of these cameras are housed in rectangular bodies like any other doorbell, some models may come with square surfaces.
  • Some models may also come with infrared sensors or other things that can see what is in the dark. This is not always a necessity, what with most front patios having lights on them. But it does help for cases where the visibility conditions might be difficult due to fog or other issues.

All of these features should pair well with one another to help you get a better review of what is happening where you are. Be certain that your camera doorbell is laid out well and that you keep it free from obstructions. Even more importantly, watch for how well you can install it so you could take care of the features the camera has to offer.

What About Detection Features?

Some doorbell cameras come with special detection features. With this, the camera will identify when someone walks towards the door. It will alert your app and let you know when someone is coming along.

Motion detection gives you an idea of when something is happening but it works best when it comes to people leaving packages at your front door. Some delivery professionals will not actually ring your doorbell because they do not want to bother you. With a motion detection system, your camera will identify when someone does bring a package to your door.

The detection feature is even more important when you consider how people often come up to patios and steal delivery boxes at random. With this feature, you will immediately be alerted when someone is at your door and tries to grab something.

Can It Link To A Lock?

Some of the more advanced doorbell cameras on the market are made with special locking features. These would link up to a lock at the top of the door.

With this, you could send a message to the doorbell asking for the lock to open up. This works when you can confirm that the person who is coming to your door is safe and can come into your house.

You would have to buy a smart lock alongside the doorbell and make sure they are paired together for the best results. A security system might work with both of these parts linking up at the same time.

Where Can You Find A Camera?

You can find doorbell cameras at various stores that sell tech products. However, it might be better to find a doorbell camera through a security service provider. These include providers that offer security systems that work around your entire home. Many security companies offer special camera packages that include all the key components needed to protect your home including a lock for the door and additional sensors around the front entrance.

What Does It Cost?

It can cost around $100 to $300 to get one of these camera doorbells through most places. The cost might vary based on where you go and how complex or detailed the camera is. Be aware of what is available when finding something worth adding in your home.

Look at how well a smart doorbell camera can be used for your needs. You must have a great doorbell camera ready for when you need to see what might be coming into your area. This is a great security tool that protects your home quite well but it should be inspected and checked carefully to see that it can actually work for your security needs.

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