Top-Notch Wireless Security Systems Available Right Now

From small shops to global giants, many different companies are vying for market share in the home security industry. Entering the security industry is fairly simple, but maintaining a great product and consistent service over time can be quite a challenge.

Long gone are the days of the simple alarm system. Companies develop new technologies for the security industry on a daily basis, and keeping up with all these constant developments may give you a headache.

So how do you choose the best wireless security system for your home? These top-notch security systems, which include window sensors and wireless cameras with night vision and motion detection, will help you skip past all the underperforming options out there and save you a lot of time along the way.

Frontpoint Security: Masters of Customer Service and DIY Installation

Frontpoint’s solid reputation for caring about its customers continues to serve the company well today. From transparency in pricing to knowledgeable customer service consultants and more, Frontpoint ensures that you get the right wireless security system with no added costs.

Excellent Customer Service

With their consultative approach, Frontpoint consistently leads the wireless security industry in customer service reviews. They employ knowledgeable customer consultants, who will spend plenty of time answering any questions you may have. Frontpoint’s consultants are also well known for staying positive and professional throughout the process.

Your consultant will create a customized security plan to meet all of your needs, and Frontpoint ensures that they won’t try to up-sell you on different features that you don’t need. This is a common tactic used by other home security providers to maximize their profits. If, for no other reason, you might choose Frontpoint just to avoid all those annoying sales tactics.

Transparent Pricing

The wireless home security industry is full of companies who try to hide fees in the fine print. Frontpoint keeps their pricing strategy as clear as possible.

They charge a monthly fee for service, which doesn’t change throughout the length of the contract. They are upfront about the fee for canceling before the contract ends. They also make sure that you know the exact up-front cost for your security equipment.

Frontpoint does not charge for anything else. Even if you move during the contract and need to reactive your wireless security system at a new location, Frontpoint will not charge a fee for any services provided.

To make things even better, they simply continue the term of your contract where it left off instead of starting the term all over again. As an added bonus, Frontpoint offers a $300 discount on equipment for those with credit scores of 600 or higher.

Simple DIY Install

Thousands of customers have reported the benefits of Frontpoint’s simple DIY installation. You just take all of the equipment out of the box, plug-in the control panel and set your sensors, cameras and other security devices within 100 feet of your control panel.

Then, just give Frontpoint a call to activate your wireless security system. It really is just that simple. Depending on the number of components and the specific security plan, most people finish the entire process in about an hour.

These wireless security systems have no wiring to mess with and require no drilling. Frontpoint’s systems are all peel-and-stick. Just make sure you put your devices in areas with low humidity.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Frontpoint also offers some of the newest technologies available today. For example, the company’s “Crash & Smash” technology ensures that the authorities are notified of a break-in even if the burglar destroys the main panel. Once the burglar trips one of the sensors, the only way they can disable the system is to enter your unique passcode.

Link Interactive Security: The Top Choice for Entry-Level Buyers

The Ability to Re-use Old Equipment

If you’ve ever switched wireless security systems, you know that it can reek havoc on your savings account. The upfront costs of brand new equipment and re-installation are a little scary. With Link Interactive, you may not have to worry about those costs.

The company’s “Takeover Program” allows customers to use any old security equipment that is compatible with Link’s system. Although not all equipment will work with your new security system, this can still be very helpful for saving money during a switch.

A Better “Basic”

In most cases, you have to upgrade to a top-tier package to actually get the most out of your wireless home security system. However, all of Link Interactive’s packages offer complete cellular monitoring and other features to provide the best protection possible.

The basic package also allows you to enjoy’s “Crash & Smash” protection just like the Frontpoint systems mentioned above. On top of that, the package also includes monitoring protection for extreme temperatures, carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire.

Helpful Customer Service Options

After 60 years in the home security industry, Link Interactive continues to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent or higher. The company also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

These ratings should give you a lot of confidence when deciding to work with Link.The ratings can be linked back to all of Link Interactive’s available customer service options. You can choose between a live chat, email message or phone call when you need help, and a knowledgeable representative will be ready on the other end.

High Quality Monitoring

One of the primary reasons for getting a wireless security system revolves around a reliable alarm monitoring system. Without that, all you really have is a pile of equipment. Link Interactive takes monitoring very seriously.

They use a Five Diamond-Certified and UL-listed monitoring center so that they can give you monitoring that rivals the best in the country. When you consider that they also monitor for environmental, medical and fire-related incidences, this protection truly gives you peace of mind.

Vivint Smart Home Security: Unmatched Technology

 Vivint offers some of the absolute best home security systems on the market today. The company goes above and beyond on technology, energy management and home automation features on all of their wireless security systems.

Incredibly “Smart” Automation

If you want a truly “smart” home, you need to take a deeper look at Vivint. Whether you’re focused on important lighting, locking, thermostat and appliance control or looking for seamless integration with Nest and Amazon Echo, these wireless security systems give you all the control you can handle.

As one of the most technologically-advanced home security companies around today, Vivint Smart Home is constantly pushing the potential limits of wireless security and home automation.

Vivint lets you do all kinds of things around your home without ever touching a thing. The hands-free voice technology allows you to close your garage doors, arm your security system, turn lights off/on and even adjust your thermostat.

The company’s “SkyControl” panel comes with the ability to learn and adapt to your habits to improve convenience and peace of mind, and its mobile app offers the most user-friendly interface among all home security providers.

Multiple Pricing Options

Vivint Smart Home gives you two main options for payment. With the first option, you can avoid a long-term contract and pay for your home security on a month-to-month basis. This option requires you to pay for your equipment up front and then charges you for alarm monitoring service with your monthly bill. The second option allows you to finance your equipment costs over the span of your contract.

Vivint offers zero percent APR on these plans, but a minimum of $550 is required for financing. Your monthly bills will already include monitoring service fees with this option. However, make sure you’re in it for the long-term before choosing this option. These contracts range in length from 42 to 60 months.

Innovative Solutions for Energy Management

There may not be another security company out there that can help you save more money on energy costs than Vivint Smart Home. The company’s innovative ideas and technologies easily transfer to the energy management world.

By giving you complete control over your home from your smartphone, Vivint makes it easy to turn off lights or turn up the air conditioning to save money when you’re away. These systems will even adjust your lighting and air conditioning to match your schedule. This will keep you comfortable and save you money at the same time. Vivint also stands out among other home security companies by offering solar panel installation.

In time, an option like this can greatly reduce or even eliminate your electric bill altogether. Energy savings options like these help to offset the generally higher cost of Vivint home security solutions.

These are just three of the top-notch wireless security systems available today. There are many other options out there. We just wanted to give you a head start on the ones we like the most!

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