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Our Rating: 4.8/5
  • Servicing customers for more than 90 years

  • GreenPro certified for eco-friendly treatments

  • Qualified entomologists support technicians and management teams

Save $50

Off First Service

Free Inspections

Money-Back Guarantee

I couldn't be happier thanks to Rob. Hands down the best customer service. He did such a thorough job, I truly felt like he didn't rush and treated my home...

Nicole S. via yelp
Our Rating: 3.8/5
  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

  • Free Return Service between regularly scheduled visits

Commercial pest control at its best!! Very knowledgeable and provided us with pointers on how to resolve some issues instead of just presenting us with a proposal. For this reason I trust them and will earn my business for future opportunities

Jesus Q.via Google

Presto-X comes out to treat my apartment, and let me tell you, their technician Chuck does a PHENOMENAL job.

Heather M.via Google

Presto-X has kept our house free of critters for years! They are professional and easy to work with and their preventative maintenance gives us peace of mind. I recommend them highly!

Liz E.via Google

Our service man Eric does a great job. We are very pleased with his thoroughness, his patients in answering questions, And and his carefulness at not disturbing our family when he comes. I highly recommend Eric and Presto X.

Boi K.via Google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
20998 Bridge St, Southfield, MI 48033
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote

Same day service

if you call by noon

30 Day money-back guarantee

Very happy with services and communication. Really appreciate how they send me a text whenever they are coming out so that I know ahead of time and can plan for it.

Sheila H. via google

I have had great experiences with Joshua. He listens to me about what is going and then explains what he will do. He is very friendly and always has a big smile on his face. He also makes sure if we are still having problems to call and he will be back. I have been using Orkin for 3 years and have never had a problem. Thank you Josh and Orkin.

Judith D. via google

Mr. Foster services us regularly and his customer service is phenomenal. He is the reason we will probably stay with being regularly serviced for pest prevention protection. He is the only reason I am giving three stars. I wish I could give him 5 stars alone by himself. We recently thought we had bed bugs in our home. Orkin sent an inspector out. We let the inspector know that we were not sure if they were bed bugs or bat bugs because our inspection prior to purchase the home said there were bats in the attic. This inspector then checked the attic and said there were absolutely no signs of bats up there and it is safe to assume bed bugs. My husband then notified him again there was prior evidence of bat feces and showed him the prior inspector pictures and said I would say the inspector just took a picture from somewhere else if you didn’t have a photo because I did not see anything up there, then he changed his story and says well I seen a little bit but not enough to say there is bats. My husband showed him the pictures of bat feces up there and he says wow that’s up there? Well I went pretty quick because it was hot upstairs, I can come back Monday to check, and if you find a bug, I will identify it. He gave us a quote. When I asked what that price included he was unable to tell me what was included, he also found no signs of bed bugs in our house what so ever. He comes back Monday collects the bug goes back to the attic and says yes he sees there is signs of bats being up there but not a lot. Says our best hope is to treat for bed bugs and hope it is bed bugs, because bat bugs would be even more expensive. He calls back later and says oh I identified the bug it is in fact a bat bug and we will discuss with us how to go from there. I felt he did not know much to begin with. We call a bat specialist after orkin called and confirmed he identified a bat bug, and from the moment the specialist walks up and knocks on our door he notifies me immediately that he seen bat feces in front of the house and can hear them. He showed us where they are living, taught us the sound, and did an inspection of the home inside and out and took pictures of evidence. He said the second he walked in the attic you could smell there were bats. I just wish the Orkin inspector was honest and said he didn’t have much experience with bats. We would’ve been treating for bed bugs over and over and the bugs wouldn’t have stopped until the bats were gone. Just frustrated as a new home owner.

Dymond J. via google

Great service. They said they would be between 10 am and 12 ,and they showed up at exactly 10:30. They were very professional and understanding and very clear in explaining what they were going to do. Great company.

Stefano C. via google

I called orkin for a situation of flying ants in my home! I was very satisfied with this service. My tech was Edward. He was very pleasant, very knowledgeable. Went over the whole house without any major issues.

Kitty J. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Humane wildlife removal

  • Offers air purification services

  • Staff biologists with innovative solutions

Fast and Free

Phone Estimates

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Free Retreatments

They call you a day ahead to confirm the appointment and the person who will do the work will personally contact you

Zerin S. via google

Derby is great! Always provides professional service. I appreciate that she communicates with me regarding the job.

J H. via google

Friendly and professional.

Felecia M. via google

Matt was always on time and very personable and professional

Kevin S. via google

Didn't have a groundhog so this was a mistake by your estimator. Only needed to get rid of birds and their nests.

Florence P. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
12625 E Grand River Rd, Brighton, MI 48116
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

on Pest Control Plan

Free Inspections

Save 10%

on Rodent and Wildlife Control

Justin was the absolute best. Very informative and detailed in his work. Very knowledgeable. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism. Highly recommend him to others. If I could I would give him 20 stars. ?

Delilah M. via google

Dan has (very fortunately) been the service tech for our last two homes. He is always eager to answer all of my questions, and is super thorough in his treatment. Beyond his top-notch service, he’s just a great person. You can tell he genuinely enjoys helping his customers. We will continue to be customers, so long as Dan is our guy.

K K. via google

I am extremely happy with my Terminix services! I have no indoor bugs and the mosquito spray helps so much on summer nights. My tech; Zach does a great job and communicates effectively. This company is the easiest company I have ever worked with and the pricing is fair. I would recommend them to anyone!

Erin B. via google

I’ve had Terminix servicing my house for over 2.5 years now. I’m very happy with their product and have seen a considerable improvement in the amount of bugs inside and outside my home. The mosquito service is great for the summer months. My current service agent is Matt Ford who has been incredible. Very knowledgeable, kind, and he’s always on time. We will continue using Terminix for our pest care needs!

Nick C. via google

Quick scheduling with frequent text messaging for confirmation and status updates. The treatment for carpenter bees was successful albeit it’s only been two days. Free follow up treatment is a plus. The person that did the spraying and inspection was courteous and knowledgeable. There was no pressure or attempts at selling additional services like the monthly subscription. Well done.

Marwan I. via google
Aptive Environmental
Our Rating: 3.8/5
27300 Haggerty Rd., Ste. F-30, Farmington Hills, MI 48331
  • Fastest growing eco-friendly pest control company

  • Reliable customer service and online chat available

  • Progressive products with the lowest toxicity

Free Retreatments

Free Instant Quotes

$50 off

for New Customers

Always amazing service. Been with Aptive for 9 months now and every tech has been great. Kale, today, even sent pictures of all the crevices he serviced. Highly recommend

Ping Z. via google

Kevin has provided service to our home several times. He is so good about communicating his arrival time and responds promptly when/if I have questions or need to provide details. He takes time to provide pictures and a detailed review of the service(a) he completes. It is refreshing to trust your staff member to provide good and complete service to our home. Thank you Kevin! I hope to see you for our treatment in the Spring!

Gayle T. via google

They inform you they are coming. You have the ability to cancel appointments. It is not a pressure service. Our service technician is very thorough and informative. I have a large home. He doesn’t miss a spot. Definitely recommend him and his companies services.

Debbie via google

My technician was professional and courteous during his visit while I was working from home. He was very thorough throughout the house and took the time to explain what was happening and what to expect going forward. I enjoyed seeing him interact with my child and pup while he was here which shows he cares about his customers and I wasn't just another stop along his route.

Cassie M. via google

Great quality and very professional. Rondae went above and beyond expectations by removing a huge hornet nest 25 feet in the air. He is a brave man, passionate about his work! Cheers!

Branden W. via google

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Common Pest Problems

Michigan residents can encounter a variety of pests that can pose problems in their homes and surroundings. One common nuisance is the presence of rodents such as mice and rats. These pests can find their way into houses, apartments, and commercial buildings, leading to damage, contamination, and potential health risks. They are notorious for chewing through electrical wires and causing structural damage.

Another pest that residents may face is the invasion of ants. While some ants are harmless, others like carpenter ants can cause significant damage by burrowing into wooden structures. These pests can compromise the structural integrity of homes and buildings over time if left unchecked.

Additionally, Michigan residents may encounter unwanted visitors like spiders and stinging insects such as wasps and hornets. While spiders can help control other pests, certain species can be venomous and pose a threat to individuals with allergies. Wasps and hornets, on the other hand, can be aggressive and their stings can cause severe pain and allergic reactions.

To address these pest issues and maintain a pest-free environment, residents in Michigan may consider seeking professional pest control services. Trained technicians can assess the infestation, identify the root cause, and implement effective solutions tailored to the specific pest problem. By opting for pest control services, homeowners can protect their properties and ensure the safety and well-being of their families.

Fact: Pest Are All Year in Michigan

In Michigan, pest control services play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for residents throughout the year. With the state's diverse climate and geographical features, it is common to encounter a wide range of pests that can be both a nuisance and a threat to property and well-being. Whether it's the hot and humid summers or the cold and snowy winters, pests find their way into homes, businesses, and public spaces. Consequently, professional pest control services are essential to address these issues effectively.

  • January: In the midst of winter, pests like mice and rats seek shelter indoors, making it crucial to address potential entry points and eliminate existing infestations.
  • April: As temperatures begin to rise, ants and termites become active, posing a threat to structures. Early detection and preventive measures are vital.
  • July: Mosquitoes and ticks thrive in the warm summer months, making it necessary to implement pest control measures to protect against diseases they may carry.
  • October: Fall brings an increased activity of rodents and stinging insects as they search for food and shelter before winter. Prompt action can prevent infestations.
  • December: With the arrival of winter, pests like spiders and cockroaches become more prevalent indoors. Regular inspections and treatments can keep them at bay.
  • Providing comprehensive pest control services throughout the year, our local experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively address any pest-related challenges Michiganders may face. From preventive measures to targeted treatments, they ensure that homes and businesses remain pest-free, promoting a safe and comfortable living environment for all.

    Local Michigan Resources

    Michigan offers a range of state and regional resources to assist residents with pest control, wildlife management, and invasive species challenges. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a valuable resource that provides information and guidance on dealing with wildlife-related issues. They can offer advice on managing nuisance animals, such as raccoons, skunks, and squirrels, and provide contact information for licensed wildlife control professionals in the area.

    For residents facing invasive plant and animal issues, the Michigan Invasive Species Program is an excellent resource. They offer educational materials and resources on identifying and managing invasive species, including plants, insects, and aquatic species. Their website provides information on reporting and mapping invasive species sightings and offers contact information for experts who can provide guidance.

    Additionally, residents can reach out to local county extension offices for assistance with pest control and plant-related issues. These offices often have entomologists and horticulturists available to provide expert advice and guidance. They can also connect residents with local resources, such as pest control companies or wildlife management professionals in their area.

    For more information and assistance with pest control, wildlife management, and invasive species challenges, residents can visit the Michigan DNR website at and the Michigan Invasive Species Program website at It is essential to promptly address these issues to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of Michigan's residents.