Top 6 Pest Control Companies in Indiana

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Our Rating: 3.8/5
  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

  • Free Return Service between regularly scheduled visits

We had a tech today from your company come out and I must say we got the best service ever highly recommend this company to anyone our techs NAME WAS RYAN HE WAS THE BEST!!!!!

Tony S. via google

We love Pesto-x! We have used them for a while and enjoy every time Ryan Ralph comes to our community.

Nikol W. via google

We love our weekly technician, Ryan Ralph! Always friendly and great customer service!

Hannah C. via google
Anderson Pest Solutions
Our Rating: 4/5
8057 Cleveland Pl, Merrillville, IN 46410
  • Mosquitos and wildlife services available

  • Customized solutions for seasonal pest problems

  • GreenPro Certified Services

$50 offpestfree365
$50for referral
$25 offinitial service

Jerry the owner showed up two days earlier than I expected had all the necessary paperwork for the veterans administration, highly recommend to veterans or civilians.

Edward C. via google

Jerry the owner showed up within an hour of our call to be serviced. He was very quick, efficient, and kind. He had all of the paperwork for our VA loan home inspection. I would highly recommend.

Erin N. via google

Jerry the owner was very professional & came out in less than 24 hours after reaching out to him. He came very prepared with the proper Veterans paperwork. I had zero issues & would highly recommend to anyone else.

Jalen T. via google

Mr. Jerry Anderson was as professional as they come. He got here the next day when he said he would. His VA experience helped us to get our mortgage done on time. I highly recommend his service!

James B. via google

Jerry the owner showed up on time. Very professional. Talk me through the steps and process for a VA termite inspection! He set with me and ensured the paperwork was done before he exited the property. I would highly recommend his company to any other Veteran!

Jonathan W. via google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
7034 Corporate Dr , Indianapolis, IN 46278
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote
Same day serviceif you call by noon
30 Day money-back guarantee

I was referred to Orkin by my boyfriend and the entire experience was amazing! The person I talked to on the customer service line when I called for a quote was extremely helpful and relatable, she shared her experience with me with Orkin products, and let me know I was in good hands. Then when my tech came, they were great too! He also explained to me everything he was going to be doing and my entire plan and even called the office to change the plan for me. The tech came next day in 90 degree weather (feels like 97 due to humidity) and only took about 45 minutes to get everything done. 10/10 would highly recommend!! Might update after a couple months if I think the products work.

Nijah F. via google

The service tech was knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. She made me feel at ease and comfortable with the whole process. The price was a lot lower than I anticipated as well. Overall I’m very pleased.

Willrich202000 via google

My only complaint about Orkin is that when you call to schedule you're directed to a call center. They scheduled a time and day for me..well the next day someone from the local office called and said they would do the scheduling. Why not just have the call center either be honest about it or actually make the appointment. I had to rearrange my schedule. Also the call center didn't really have any information about how to prep for an extermination either.

Courtney S. via google

The technician Seth Conwell was on time, explained everything very clearly, was personable and answered all my questions. He then did the initial service and discovered that 4 windows in my den were not fully closed. I just bought the house and had no idea of this window state. I closed them and am feeling very lucky he saw this and told me. Great service call!!!!! Laurie Butler

Laurie B. via google

Always very kind on working with our work schedule. I like the update texts when they are on their way and when they have arrived. We've had Orkin for over 5 years and it's always been good quality. Each tech has taken their time to discuss our questions and concerns. Highly recommend.

Jaime P. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Humane wildlife removal

  • Offers air purification services

  • Staff biologists with innovative solutions

Fast and FreePhone Estimates
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Unlimited Free Retreatments

I had a raccoon, bats and mice in my attic. Evan was very helpful in ridding me of these nuisances. I highly recommend.

Z P. via google

They do a bang up job taking care of my property.

Joseph V. via google

Found the culprit that was under my house and removed. Timely Professional and gave pointers on what to do to keep them out.

Pam S. via google

They did a great getting rid of my bats! The-chipmunks are being caught but more keep coming! The 15 plus holes along my Seawall are not improving as quickly as I would have hoped. I am disappointed that my lawn has so many tunnels and holes that some critter has made They are not 100% sure the cause. I feel like they could do more by setting different type traps. I still have as many holes as when I started! They usually call before they come. But the last time he did not call when he was on his way. I like to go around to the different traps to see for myself how much bait was eaten. I was surprised bthat each truck has different type of bait to put into the traps. One Tec said the liquid in plastic works much faster so I liked that. So the last Tec didn’t have the liquid in plastic bait to offer me. He did t even know what I was talking about!! I thought that was weird since it’s the same company.

Barbara C. via google

We had a horrible problem with birds nesting in our exhaust vents around our home. Mitch came and did our initial evaluation. He was very professional and made sure we were well taken care of and that this issue wouldn’t happen again. Andy came and completed the service at our home. Again he was very professional and even sent me a text when he wasn’t able to complete the service the same day. He made sure to come out the next day to finish the job. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Alyssa K. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
1456 South Liberty Dr, Bloomington, IN 47403
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50on Pest Control Plan
Free Inspections
Save 10%on Rodent and Wildlife Control

Out technician Olivia is awesome. She is the best technician we have ever had. So through and answers all of our questions and has helped us with all of our concerns.

Grace G. via google

I do love the tech sends a text reminding you they will be coming the next day. Also he will text and let you know he is on his way. Then there is a follow up via email and text advising of what was completed on that day. Kudos for the great communication.

Donna O. via google

Olivia was very sweet. Answered all I questions, explained what some of the causes of ants,sprayed and checked under house because my husband asked. Left her card. Looking forward to seeing her in 3 months

Annie M. via google

Noah, the tech did very good at his inspection pointed out things I did not notice, this is my mother's home. I was his last appt of the day, Noah gave me a call and ask if it was okay to move the appt up, with his 1 phone call made his and my day easier. He is a keeper as an employee. Also, Noah's interpersonal skills are excellent. Regards, Jeff

Jeff W. via google

The service was very good and tech Andrew Brown informed us of everything step by step. Tech made us feel comfortable with our issue. Let us know what to do and if we had questions call anytime and it would take 3 treatments and then we'd be in great shape. You never knew he was here and when he left he called to let us know so we knew when to come back. House looked like no one was here. I'd recommend Terminix if you want to get the job done right.

Pam H. via google
Hawx Pest Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
5602 Elmwood Ave., Ste 217, Indianapolis, IN 46203
  • They offer specialized, local knowledge of the pests

  • Residential and commercial services offered

  • Same-day service

Get Free Estimate
Free Re-Service
Customized Services

The customer service from Hawx has always been exceptional. The service technicians are knowledgeable and professional. Connors Trader went the extra mile to make sure he listened to our needs regarding the ant problem we had. He did a wonderful job on our property.

Larry G.via Google

Jordan has provided the most complete service since I’ve been a client. He even sprayed on my deck, which no one else has done. If these are new directions to the techs, hooray. If not, he did the best service. Thanks for putting him on my route.

Sue B.via Google

I would like to thank Jeff for doing a great job today. In fact, I would like to request him in the future. Y’all were supposed to provide service a couple of weeks ago, and your guy showed up without the equipment to service the inside of my house. To be honest, I almost called you to cancel my service then. Instead I rescheduled. Today Jeff did exactly what I signed up for, but too often you don’t provide. He sprayed indoors and out, swept my eaves for spider webs and took care of a couple of wasp nests. He did a great job. Thank you very much.

Rick T.via Google

Very polite and wearing a mask (I appreciate that). Introduced himself and asked if any particular place was heavy with mosquitoes, I told him I work in my garage with the door open and he made sure to get that side of the house thoroughly.

Steven W.via Google

Montana was pleasant and most helpful in taking care of the service requested. We are happy and pleased with great service and the professional assistance given. SHB

Steve C.via Google

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Don't Let Pests Invade Your Home

Residents of Indiana may encounter a variety of pests that can become bothersome and potentially harmful to their homes and health. One common pest in the state is the carpenter ant, known for its ability to cause structural damage to wooden structures. These ants often establish nests in damp or decaying wood, making homes and buildings vulnerable to their destructive behavior. Another frequent intruder is the termite, which poses a similar threat to wooden structures. Termites can silently eat away at the structural integrity of a building, leading to costly repairs if left unchecked.

Additionally, residents may experience issues with rodents such as mice and rats. These pests seek shelter in homes during colder months and can cause damage to property while also carrying diseases that can be harmful to humans. Mosquitoes are another common nuisance in Indiana, particularly during the warm summer months. Not only do they cause itchy bites, but they also have the potential to transmit diseases like West Nile virus.

To address these pest concerns and protect their homes, residents in Indiana may consider seeking professional pest control services. Expert exterminators have the knowledge and experience to identify and eliminate pest infestations effectively. By regularly scheduling pest control treatments, individuals can mitigate the risks associated with these pests and maintain a pest-free environment for their families.

Fact: Pest Are All Year in Indiana

When it comes to pest control in Indiana, it is crucial to have a local expert who understands the unique challenges of the state. With their knowledge and expertise, they can effectively address and eliminate pest infestations. Here are examples of why pest control service is important throughout the year:

  • January: Winter pests like rodents seek shelter indoors, making it important to prevent their entry and eliminate any existing infestations.
  • April: As temperatures rise, ants become more active and may infiltrate homes and buildings.
  • July: Mosquitoes are at their peak during this month, posing a threat to outdoor activities.
  • October: As temperatures drop, spiders may seek shelter indoors, causing potential disturbances.
  • December: With holiday decorations being brought out, it is important to check for any pests hiding within stored items.
  • Ensuring regular pest control services throughout the year helps to maintain a pest-free environment, protecting homes, businesses, and public health.

    Get Free Assistance in Indiana

    Indiana residents have access to a range of state and regional resources to help address pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal issues. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a valuable resource for residents seeking guidance and information. The DNR's Division of Fish & Wildlife provides assistance with wildlife-related concerns, offering advice on managing nuisance animals and addressing wildlife damage. They can be reached at (317) 232-4200.

    Additionally, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) offers resources related to invasive species and pest control. Their website provides detailed information on identifying and managing invasive plants and animals, as well as guidance on pest control methods. For specific inquiries, the ISDA can be contacted at (317) 232-8770.

    Residents can also turn to local county extension offices for assistance. These offices, affiliated with Purdue University, provide expert advice on a wide range of topics, including pest control and wildlife management. Contact information for county extension offices can be found on the Purdue Extension website.

    By utilizing these state and regional resources, Indiana residents can find the information and guidance they need to effectively address pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal issues in their communities.