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Our Rating: 3.8/5
  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

  • Free Return Service between regularly scheduled visits

Commercial pest control at its best!! Very knowledgeable and provided us with pointers on how to resolve some issues instead of just presenting us with a proposal. For this reason I trust them and will earn my business for future opportunities

Jesus Q.via Google

Presto-X comes out to treat my apartment, and let me tell you, their technician Chuck does a PHENOMENAL job.

Heather M.via Google

Presto-X has kept our house free of critters for years! They are professional and easy to work with and their preventative maintenance gives us peace of mind. I recommend them highly!

Liz E.via Google

Our service man Eric does a great job. We are very pleased with his thoroughness, his patients in answering questions, And and his carefulness at not disturbing our family when he comes. I highly recommend Eric and Presto X.

Boi K.via Google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
2485 Valleydale Rd, Birmingham, AL 35244
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote

Same day service

if you call by noon

30 Day money-back guarantee

The Tech Guy that Services My Home!!! Is GREAT! I want him to continue to be My Service Tech every time! He is on time and Very Pleasant and Patient and All Around Very Professional!!! He Actually Listens to your Concerns of Pest Control! He should be team leader! I’ve had other tech’s -He could teach your other tech’s a Thing Or Two- About Being So Professional and Listening to your Concerns and Pest Control! Just a Genuine Guy!!! Thanks, Stacey Humphrey

Stacey H. via google

Scott was awesome, kind, and professional. He made sure I got a great service for my money along with a wealth of knowledge. I hope that he is my technician for my contract.

Mashad K. via google

Our exterminator is great. They always give us a heads up on what day they will be there a couple days before (or more) and send us texts on their way, when they arrive, and when they leave. I appreciate their efforts to notify us/keep us updated. They also appear to care if the service is going well as they send notifications reminding of potential issues that can arise when there are weather changes and ensure us that they will take care of any problems should they arise. We are very happy with our service!!!

Michelle B. via google

2 Orkin representatives came to install an exhaust fan in our crawl space to control the moisture. It was not an easy job, but they worked hard to change out the old exhaust fan & install the new one! They solved every problem they encountered & were diligent to have it in good working order before the left. Thanks for the 2 hard workers to meet our expectations on a job well done!

Pam H. via google

My standing technician is Andrew, and he is the BEST. I feel he is thorough, dependable, and gets the job done in a prompt manner. He explains what he is going to do and why. He takes time to answer my questions. He is friendly but professional- perfect balance. Also DJ came today - our first meeting, and all that I said about Andrew also applies to DJ.

Bruce P. via google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
2109 Lurleen B Wallace Blvd, Northport, AL 35476
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

on Pest Control Plan

Free Inspections

Save 10%

on Rodent and Wildlife Control

My tech STOJKOVIC,MARK. A very nice person, notified me about my appointment through text after he wasn't able to reach me. He did an excellent job. I switched from orikn to them. I highly recommend them, and now they do both of my properties.

Rawad Z. via google

Mark was very friendly and my questions were answered precise and informatively. Thank You for having such a Great Technician!

McArthur R. via google

My technician, Mark Stojkovic, was awesome! He was able to service my home quickly, and was super friendly and professional. He was done quickly and did a thorough job; we have seen a drastic improvement in the pests in our home in just a day’s time! Can’t recommend him enough!

Torie K. via google

Its been a week and I've vacuumed regularly like im supposed to and the fleas are practically gone! I have yet to see any and im very pleased with it! Thank you terminix!

Shaye S. via google

They always do a good job for me always on time or early. Comes back out when there's a problem with pest. Mark the technician is very quick and through with the job. Thanks!!

Johnathan R. via google

Understanding Pest Control Costs and Services in Northport, AL

Homeowners in Northport, Alabama, looking to safeguard their homes against pests will find a range of pest control services at their disposal. Understanding the various pricing structures and service offerings is essential for making an informed decision. Pest control companies typically offer a suite of services that cater to preventing and addressing infestations, with costs being influenced by factors such as property size, level of infestation, and treatment methods.

Pest Control Service Pricing

In the market for pest control in Northport, Alabama, homeowners can generally expect to pay an initial fee followed by monthly or quarterly charges, depending on the chosen plan. The initial fee typically covers a comprehensive assessment and the first treatment, setting the foundation for ongoing pest management. Monthly fees for average-sized homes may range from approximately $40 to $100. These fees are for plans that often include routine inspections and treatments to maintain a pest-free environment. It's important to note that severe infestations or larger homes may incur additional costs. For a more precise estimate, it's recommended to obtain quotes from different service providers, as prices can fluctuate based on specific circumstances.

Pests: Included and Excluded

Pest control plans commonly cover a broad array of pests, such as ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and more. However, certain pests like termites, bed bugs, and wildlife may require specialized treatment plans that are not included in standard packages. Homeowners should check with their service provider about specific pests covered under their plan to avoid surprises when unwanted critters make an appearance.

Understanding Contracts

Many pest control plans require a service agreement, which may span one year or more. These contracts outline the frequency of treatments and other terms of service. While some plans allow for cancellation at any time, others may charge a fee for early termination. It's essential to thoroughly review and understand the contract terms before signing up for a pest control plan.

The Assurance of Service Guarantees

A guarantee of satisfaction is often a part of pest control services, offering homeowners peace of mind. If pests return between scheduled treatments, most companies will provide additional services at no extra cost to rectify the issue. Guarantees may vary, so confirming the details with your service provider is advisable.

Treatment Procedures

When a pest control technician visits your home, they will typically perform a detailed inspection, identify problem areas, and implement a treatment plan tailored to your home's specific needs. This may involve applying pesticides, sealing entry points, and setting up traps. The goal is to not only address current infestations but also to prevent future ones.

The Advantage of Bundling Services

To maximize protection and savings, many pest control companies offer bundled services that combine general pest control with termite, mosquito, or rodent management. These bundles can result in significant cost savings compared to purchasing each service individually.

Specialty Pest Considerations

For pests that require specialized attention, such as termites, bed bugs, or wildlife, homeowners will need to consider specific treatment plans. These specialized services are tailored to address the unique behaviors and habitats of such pests, ensuring effective resolution.

Choosing Between One-Time and Recurring Services

Homeowners must decide between one-time treatments for sudden infestations and ongoing service plans for continuous prevention. While one-time treatments may resolve the immediate problem, recurring services offer long-term protection and are often the more cost-effective solution over time.

Orkin Pricing & Plans in Northport, Alabama

If you're a homeowner in Northport, Alabama, it's important to be proactive about pests, especially with the ever-present risk of termites, bed bugs, and other unwelcome critters in our warm southern climate. You might be interested to learn that Orkin offers a comprehensive OrkinShield® Rodent Service that addresses these nuisances head-on. Their approach involves a meticulous investigation of your home, from the attic to the basement, to uncover any potential pest problems. The perimeter of your structure receives a protective treatment, and the Orkin team stands ready to seal off any entry points that might invite pests inside.

Moreover, Orkin's commitment to home and family safety in Northport is backed by their Orkin Guarantee, ensuring that if pests return between treatments, so will Orkin – at no additional charge to you. And if you're not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your service, you have the Orkin promise of a money-back guarantee. This demonstrates their confidence in their services and their dedication to keeping your home pest-free.

When it comes to pricing, Orkin understands that every home and pest situation is different. That's why they offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, which means you won't be paying for treatments you don't need. Whether you're dealing with a minor ant problem or a full-blown termite invasion, Orkin will quote a price that reflects the unique challenges of your situation, always keeping affordability in mind. Remember, if you call before noon, there's the possibility for same-day service, so you can tackle those pest problems promptly. And for new customers, there's the appealing offer of $50 off your first pest control service. With Orkin, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands and your family is protected from unwanted guests.

Service Plan Type Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan $40-$100 /month $175- $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice. Price varies based on property sq ft and location.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal $25 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on property sq ft and location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan $40 - $110 /month $185 - $350 Price varies based on property sq ft, location, level of infestation.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Price determined after initial inspection with consideration to bed bug infestation level.

Terminix Pricing & Plans in Northport, Alabama

As a Northport, Alabama homeowner, you'll want to protect your family and home from unwanted pests and the potential damage they can cause. With the variety of services offered by Terminix, you're in good hands. For instance, by choosing the Premium Termite Plan, not only are you acting against termites, but you can also combine it with pest control and save an average of $175. Plus, Terminix doesn't just stop at termites; they provide comprehensive pest control services as well. With a promotional offer of $50 off, getting started with pest control is more affordable at just $99. The treatments utilize a range of EPA-approved chemicals, offering effective and safe solutions to keep common pests like cockroaches, mice, and spiders at bay. And with the Nix Pest Guarantee™, you have the assurance that if pests return within 30 days of treatment, so will Terminix, at no extra cost to you.

Mosquitoes can be more than just a nuisance; they're a health hazard for your family. Terminix's Quick Guard Mosquito Service® is designed to offer relief throughout the mosquito season, costing approximately $70 per treatment. With an ongoing service, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor gatherings can be enjoyed without the constant buzzing and biting of mosquitoes. And if you're looking to maximize savings, by bundling mosquito control with either pest or termite services, you’re looking at savings of up to $100, including a free inspection. When you combine Termite, Pest, and Mosquito services, the savings jump to an average of $375. These options make it possible to tailor a plan that fits your specific needs, helping to maintain a safe and comfortable home environment.

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Complete interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers most common household pests including ants and roaches.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Service $50-$70 Per treatment Treatments occuring during mosquito season.
Mice & Rat Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.

Don't Get Caught Without Pest Control in Northport

How long does it take for pest control chemicals to work on spiders?


Pest control chemicals typically take around 2-4 weeks to effectively work on spiders. Results may vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the specific type of chemical being used. It is important to follow the instructions provided by a professional pest control exterminator for best results.

Should I vacuum up dead bugs after fumigation?


After fumigation, it is recommended to vacuum up dead bugs to remove any remaining debris. This helps in maintaining cleanliness and preventing any potential allergens or pests from accumulating in your home.

How long do roaches typically stay in the walls before coming out?


Roaches can remain hidden within walls for an extended period, typically several weeks or even months, before venturing out in search of food, water, or shelter. The duration may vary depending on factors such as the size of the roach population and the availability of resources. Homeowners in Northport, Alabama should promptly address any signs of a roach infestation to prevent further problems.

Do exterminators use any scent-based attractants to lure mice away from homes?


Exterminators in Northport, Alabama may use scent-based attractants to lure mice away from homes. These attractants can be strategically placed to entice mice and divert them from residential areas, enhancing the effectiveness of pest control measures.

Are there any specific precautions to take in outdoor areas to deter mice from approaching the house?


To deter mice from approaching the house in Northport, Alabama, homeowners can take several precautions. Ensure that outdoor areas are kept clean and free of debris that may provide hiding places for mice. Seal any gaps or cracks in the foundation and exterior walls to prevent their entry. Keep garbage bins tightly closed and away from the house. Additionally, remove any potential food sources such as bird feeders or fallen fruits in the vicinity.

Does mopping with certain cleaning products repel roaches?


Using certain cleaning products while mopping can help repel roaches in Northport, Alabama. These products often contain ingredients that are known to deter roaches, making them less likely to infest a home.

More Information on Pests in Northport

Northport, Alabama, a charming city located in Tuscaloosa County, offers a range of local resources for residents seeking assistance with pest, wildlife, and animal control, as well as invasive plant and animal issues. The city is well-equipped with various organizations that can provide valuable guidance and support.

Residents of Northport can turn to the Tuscaloosa County Extension Office for expert advice on pest management and invasive species control. Located at 2513 7th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL, their knowledgeable staff can offer information on identifying and dealing with common pests and can provide recommendations for safe and effective control methods. They can be reached at (205) 349-4630.

Additionally, the Alabama Wildlife Center, situated nearby at 100 Terrace Drive, Pelham, AL, specializes in the rehabilitation and conservation of wildlife. This resource can assist residents in Northport by providing guidance on humanely managing wildlife encounters and offering advice on preventing conflicts with animals. They can be contacted at (205) 663-7930.

For those facing invasive plant and animal issues, the Alabama Invasive Plant Council is a valuable resource. They aim to protect the biodiversity of Northport and the state by providing information and resources on identifying and controlling invasive species. Their website,, offers a wealth of educational materials and contact information for further assistance.

With these local resources available, residents of Northport, Alabama, can access the support and information they need to address pest, wildlife, and invasive species challenges in a responsible and effective manner.

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