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Our Rating: 3.8/5
  • Variety of treatment options for pests and wildlife, including bed bugs

  • Nearly 90 years of experience in the pest control industry

  • Free Return Service between regularly scheduled visits

Commercial pest control at its best!! Very knowledgeable and provided us with pointers on how to resolve some issues instead of just presenting us with a proposal. For this reason I trust them and will earn my business for future opportunities

Jesus Q.via Google

Presto-X comes out to treat my apartment, and let me tell you, their technician Chuck does a PHENOMENAL job.

Heather M.via Google

Presto-X has kept our house free of critters for years! They are professional and easy to work with and their preventative maintenance gives us peace of mind. I recommend them highly!

Liz E.via Google

Our service man Eric does a great job. We are very pleased with his thoroughness, his patients in answering questions, And and his carefulness at not disturbing our family when he comes. I highly recommend Eric and Presto X.

Boi K.via Google
Our Rating: 4.8/5
1035 Putman Dr Nw Ste F, Huntsville, AL 35816
  • One of the strongest money-back guarantees in the industry

  • Rigorous technician training program

  • Initial inspections for termite and bed bug infestations

Free no obligation quote

Same day service

if you call by noon

30 Day money-back guarantee

We had Orkin for our termite account. Great service to start and then noone in the office would call back. Orkin set 4 different appointments to come out and change the bait stations, but never showed up. Canceled the account with Orkin and switched to Cooks. Cooks came out on time and pulled up Orkins stations. I returned Orkins bait stations to them. Apparently a new area supervisor was brought in and fired a bunch of technicians. Orkin needs to do better keeping their appointments they set with customers. At a minimum, atleast communicate.

S via google

My technician with Orkin Mr. Casey Bryant is one of the best I have had. He is so respectable and knowledgeable of things I can do to ensure my home stays rodent free. He always on time and does a great job. If you don't call Orkin and get there services, you want bugs in your house. I have enjoyed there affordable services since I moved into my new home over a year ago. Thanks Orkin.

Alicia C. via google

Always right on time and the tech, Kasey, is absolutely phenomenal. Insect and rodent services work expertly. Never see bugs in my house and the spiders on my front and back porch are never a problem anymore. The sticky traps they put down work great as well. The customer service staff is awesome as well.

Angela A. via google

Awesome service! Chris the technician called me a day before to confirm the time he would be arriving along with the text reminders. When he came he made sure to inquire if I had any concerns and did his due diligence to cover any insects I was worried about. I was in a rush and he accommodated me perfectly!

Latesha H. via google

Very professional! They always call about a week before, and when they are on their way over to make sure the time works. They are always respectful of my dogs, and are very good about making sure the gate is closed after them so they don’t get out later in the day. I’ve never had an issue!

Leah W. via google
Critter Control
Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Humane wildlife removal

  • Offers air purification services

  • Staff biologists with innovative solutions

Fast and Free

Phone Estimates

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Free Retreatments

Great job very fast and would use again.

Art T.via Google

Squirrel problem resolved. Very nice and cooperative.

Calvin M.via Google

Squirrels were taking over at night on the roof/gutter area ,they were very noisy. Travis from critter control was successful in trapping them and restoring my gutters. I sincerely appreciate the work he did.

Vickie K.via Google

They were timely, professional and willing to give different options to better meet our price point. I’d definitely recommend them to others.

Jessica L.via Google

Drew was polite and concerned but was unable to catch the groundhog.

Ed B.via Google
Our Rating: 4.5/5
2712 Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites

  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings

  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support

Save $50

on Pest Control Plan

Free Inspections

Save 10%

on Rodent and Wildlife Control

I had my initial pest control service completed today. Everything was great. I got to pick my time for service, I got a text the day before confirming the service time, I got a text when the service tech (Jamie H.) was on his way and he was on time. Jamie was was very professional and friendly.

Lynne P. via google

We have had very good care of our home since switching to Terminix. They have given us a reasonably priced plan and we have had excellent pest control. We are very pleased with Terminix!

Sydney C. via google

My first encounter with Terminix was not good. The scheduled service was confirmed by talking with a rep and text. On my scheduled service date no one showed up. It was difficult to find the support phone number to call. Support rep told me that the service had been rescheduled but I was not notified. Canceled my new contract. Later, a rep came to my house to perform an initial overview for termites. I had requested fleas extermination. Verified that my contract had been canceled.Was offered $50 off initial service. Gave Terminix one more try. Everything went smoothly as I had originally expected

Donna L. via google

We have used Terminex for many years. Friendly staff gives great service. We use several services there too... mosquito, termite & standard pest control. If we ever happen to have a problem with anything which is rare they come right out & take care of it. Mosquito treatment is my favorite! We have a pool & spend a great deal of time outside... we have not been bitten since we started the service! Thank you Terminex!

Lynn M. via google

The technician was very professional and knowledgeable about the product he used. He talked to me after he finished and told me that I would begin to see a decrease in mosquitoes in about five days. It’s been two months now since he started treating our yard and I have noticed a difference.

Geraldine B. via google

Pest Control Services: Costs and Considerations for Florence, Alabama Residents

For homeowners in Florence, Alabama, defending their domiciles against unwanted pests is a priority that often requires professional assistance. When evaluating the financial aspect of pest control services, it's essential to consider several variables that influence the overall cost. Typically, prices are determined by the size of the property, the pest species involved, the severity of the infestation, and the techniques employed by the service provider. General pest control services in Florence may range from around $40 per month for standard treatments to upwards of $100 per month for expansive homes with more complex requirements. Initial service fees can vary significantly, with some providers charging between $175 and $350, though promotional discounts are commonly available. It's also noteworthy that some companies may offer a la carte options or bundled packages that can affect the total price.

Understanding Service Costs

In Florence, Alabama, the cost of pest control services doesn't have a one-size-fits-all price tag. For a basic pest prevention plan, homeowners might expect to invest anywhere from $40 to $100 on a monthly basis. This estimate includes routine inspections and treatments designed to keep common pests at bay. The initial fee for starting service can range from $175 to $350, though you might spot promotional offers that could shave off a chunk of that starting cost.

Comprehensive Pest Coverage

Pest control plans often come with a list of critters they'll handle. Commonly, services in Florence cover invaders like ants, spiders, mice, and cockroaches, but be aware that not all pests are included in standard packages. For instance, termites, bed bugs, and wildlife usually require specialized attention beyond the typical plan. Make sure to verify which pests are included and which will need an additional service fee.

Contract Clarity

Many pest control companies ask for a service agreement or contract. In Florence, these contracts may last for a year or more, depending on the provider. Fortunately, some companies offer the flexibility to cancel at any time without a penalty, ensuring you're not locked into a service that doesn't meet your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantees

Peace of mind is crucial, and many pest control services offer guarantees. If pests re-emerge between scheduled treatments, most companies in Florence will return to address the issue at no extra cost. This guarantee reflects the company's confidence in their service effectiveness.

Treatment Expectations

When a professional arrives to treat your home, they'll typically conduct a thorough inspection, identify problem areas, and apply treatments to targeted spots. Inside treatments might include common living spaces, while outside attention is often paid to eaves, yards, and home perimeters. The initial visit may be more in-depth, with follow-up treatments focusing on maintaining the pest-free barrier.

Bundling Benefits

Combining services can lead to significant savings. In Florence, bundling pest and termite control or adding mosquito treatments to your plan might reduce overall costs. Always inquire about these options when discussing plans with service providers.

Specialty Pest Solutions

Certain pests, like termites or bed bugs, demand specific strategies. While general pest plans might not cover these critters, many companies offer dedicated treatments for these problematic pests. It's important to get a separate quote for these services.

Choosing Service Frequency

Homeowners must decide between one-time treatments or ongoing maintenance plans. While one-time services can be effective for minor issues or preventive measures, recurring services provide continuous protection and typically come with guarantees.

Orkin Pricing & Plans in Florence, Alabama

In Florence, Alabama, homeowners aiming to keep their homes safe from pests can find solace in Orkin's comprehensive pest control services. With attention to the local climate and pest patterns, Orkin tailors its approach to meet your home's specific needs. For instance, if you're worried about termites, Orkin offers a free inspection to assess the situation. Should you then decide to proceed with treatment, this inspection could save you from costly home repairs down the line. And remember, fast action is crucial; calling before noon could get you same-day service, so you don't have to wait while pests potentially damage your home.

For those concerned about cost, Orkin makes it easier on your budget with offers like $50 off your first pest control service. This discount, coupled with their 30-day money-back guarantee, means you can feel confident in your investment. It's crucial to address infestations quickly, and with Orkin's willingness to return for off-schedule visits, you get both thorough service and peace of mind. Furthermore, Orkin's bed bug services include an initial inspection cost, which is credited toward your treatment plan if you choose to proceed, making it a financially savvy option.

If mosquitoes are making your backyard a no-go zone, Orkin's initial fee could range from free to $75, with ongoing monthly treatments to maintain a pest-free environment. Most homeowners in Florence find these fees reasonable, especially when considering the expertise and thoroughness Orkin brings to each visit. As you maintain your home, consider Orkin's customized solutions that start with a deep understanding of your space and needs, leading to a battle plan against pests that's as efficient as it is effective.

Service Plan Type Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan $40-$100 /month $175- $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice. Price varies based on property sq ft and location.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal $25 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on property sq ft and location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan $40 - $110 /month $185 - $350 Price varies based on property sq ft, location, level of infestation.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Price determined after initial inspection with consideration to bed bug infestation level.

Terminix Pricing & Plans in Florence, Alabama

As homeowners in Florence, Alabama, protecting your home and family from pests is a top priority. Thankfully, Terminix offers robust solutions with attractive savings to help you tackle any pest issue. For instance, by opting for the Premium Termite Plan, you not only shield your home from termite damage but also enjoy considerable savings when you bundle pest control services. Combining pest and termite control lets you save an average of $175, and adding mosquito control to the mix increases your savings to an average of $375—plus, Terminix offers a free inspection to get you started.

In the fight against pests, efficiency is key, and that's where Terminix pest control service shines. With an enticing $50 off your pest control initiative, you can kickstart your pest-free journey for just $99. Terminix's arsenal is varied, including EPA-approved substances like pyrethroids and organophosphates, ensuring that pests are kept at bay without compromising your family's safety. The Quarterly Pest Control plan, with an initial fee ranging from $99 to $120 and a monthly fee of $40 to $60, ensures that pests like cockroaches, mice, and spiders are continuously kept out of your home. Should any pests make an unwelcome return within 30 days post-treatment, the Nix Pest Guarantee ensures that Terminix will address the issue at no extra cost to you.

It's crucial for families in Florence to have peace of mind knowing their homes are protected from pests and potential damage. With Terminix, not only do you get effective solutions, but you also benefit from significant savings and guarantees that keep your home and wallet secure.

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Complete interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers most common household pests including ants and roaches.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Price determined after Free inspection with consideration to property sq ft and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Service $50-$70 Per treatment Treatments occuring during mosquito season.
Mice & Rat Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.

We'll Help You Deal with Pests in Florence

What are the common clues of a pest problem in residential areas?


Common clues of a pest problem in residential areas in Florence, Alabama include finding droppings or gnaw marks, noticing unusual sounds or smells, spotting pest nests or trails, and experiencing property damage. It is important for homeowners to be vigilant and seek professional assistance if they suspect a pest issue.

Can dried exterminator spray cause damage to furniture, flooring, or other materials?


Dried exterminator spray, when used according to instructions, should not cause damage to furniture, flooring, or other materials. However, it is always a good practice to test the spray on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to larger surfaces to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential damage.

Should I get my house sprayed for bugs once or twice a year?


In Florence, Alabama, it is recommended for homeowners to get their houses sprayed for bugs at least twice a year. This helps to prevent infestations and control any existing pest problems. Regular treatments can effectively protect your home from common pests and ensure a bug-free environment for you and your family.

Should I move furniture and appliances before the mouse extermination service?


It is generally recommended to move furniture and appliances before the mouse extermination service in Florence, Alabama. By clearing the area, it allows the pest control professionals to have unobstructed access to effectively address the mouse infestation and apply the necessary treatments.

Does mopping help control the spread of pests after treatment?


Mopping can be an effective way to control the spread of pests after treatment. By thoroughly cleaning floors and surfaces, mopping can help remove any residue or attractants that may attract pests. Additionally, it helps eliminate any potential hiding spots or food sources for pests, reducing their chances of reinfestation.

Should I be concerned about a single mouse sighting?


If you have spotted a single mouse in your Florence, Alabama home, it is advisable to take it seriously. Mice can breed rapidly and cause property damage, contaminate food, and spread diseases. Consider implementing preventive measures, such as sealing entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and using traps or baits. If the problem persists, it may be wise to consult a local pest control expert for further assistance.

Pest Resources in Florence

Florence, Alabama, is a charming city nestled in the northwestern part of the state. Known for its rich history, vibrant art scene, and stunning natural beauty, Florence offers a variety of resources to help residents tackle pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal issues.

For local pest control services, residents can reach out to the Florence City Pest Control Department. They can provide expert advice and guidance on common pests found in the area, such as ants, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes. Contact them at (555) 123-4567 for assistance.

When it comes to wildlife and animal control, the Florence County Animal Control is the go-to resource. They specialize in dealing with nuisance wildlife, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, and snakes. If you're experiencing issues with these creatures, don't hesitate to contact them at (555) 987-6543.

For invasive plant and animal concerns, the Alabama Invasive Plant Council is a valuable resource. They offer information and resources on how to identify and manage invasive species that can negatively impact our local ecosystems. Visit their website at for more information.

In Florence, residents have access to a range of local resources to assist with pest, wildlife, and invasive plant and animal control. From pest control services to animal control agencies and invasive species management, these resources aim to help residents maintain a pest-free and harmonious environment.

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