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From detailed reviews of the latest home security cameras to unbiased evaluations of security companies, our articles cover everything you need to secure your home effectively.

Young family with kids and dog holding roof over heads and smiling happily while sitting in living room of new apartment
Pet Safety at Home: Protecting Pets from Household Hazards
As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of our …
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Cleaning tools layout vs backing soda, lemon, mustard powder and bamboo brushes.
Home Hazardous Waste Disposal: Safely Getting Rid of Toxic Materials
Understanding the importance of properly disposing of hazardous waste at home is key to preserving …
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A wood-framed window, a frosty patterns. A candle burns outside the window.
Home Safety During Holidays: Tips For Decorating And Handling Festive Hazards
As the air becomes infused with the magic of the holiday season, our homes come …
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Toddler baby boy rips off a cabinet drawer with his hand. The child holds the cabinet door handle.
Preventing Home Accidental Poisonings: Childproofing And Safe Storage
In the quest to create a haven of safety within our homes, the prevention of …
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Spring allergy. Woman sneezing because of tulips flowers surrounded with pills and nasal drops sitting on sofa with cat at home. Seasonal allergy. Coronavirus isolation
Home Safety For People With Allergies: Minimizing Allergens And Irritants
Creating a safe and conducive home environment is a cornerstone of well-being, particularly for individuals …
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Home carer showing senior woman her alarm panel.
Home Fire Safety For Older Adults: Fire Prevention And Escape Plan
Ensuring the safety and well-being of older adults within their homes requires a comprehensive approach …
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A part of central heating system. Woman hand adjusting valve for home heating.
Preventing Home Gas Explosions: Proper Handling and Maintenance of Gas Appliances
Ensuring the safe and proper handling of gas appliances is paramount to prevent the risk …
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Practicing swimming skill at her own house swimming pool.
Water Safety: Preventing Drowning Accidents at Home
Home water safety should be evaluated when assessing one’s overall home safety. Every year, tragic …
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Mother explaining purpose and usage of fire blanket to her son.
Fire Safety: Tips for Preventing and Responding to Fires at Home
In the comfort of our homes, the threat of a fire may seem distant, but …
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Father explaining to his family the assembly point map while preparing emergency backpacks
Home Emergency Evacuation Plan: Establishing Routes and Meeting Points
Having a well-prepared Home Emergency Evacuation Plan is necessary in the face of unpredictable disasters …
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An old apartment is on fire with smoke coming out from the window.
Home Fire Escape Plan: Teaching Family Members to Evacuate Safely
In the realm of household safety, few considerations are as paramount as having a well-structured …
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Home Interior With Boiler System In Basement
Preventing Home Gas Leaks: Regular Maintenance And Gas Safety Measures
Ensuring the safety of our homes and loved ones is a paramount responsibility, and one …
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