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Founded in 1996 in Dublin, Ireland, Experian has made a name for itself as one of the three leading credit reporting agencies in the United States. Today, it employs 17,000 people spread across 37 different countries.

Experian provides an affordable way for customers to both monitor and repair their credit. They'll receive peace of mind through the company's extensive monitoring services, including payday loan monitoring, court records, sex offender registries, and even social network monitoring.

Along with the products and services Experian offers, we were impressed by the vast amount of educational materials they have on their website. Consumers can read articles on credit score advice, improving credit, and fraud prevention to take ownership of their financial health. Unfortunately, receiving help from customer support representatives is a hit or a miss depending on your issues with your score.

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Products & Services

Experian offers two identity theft protection plans that are able at different prices for individuals and families. Customers can be billed monthly or pay for an annual rate at a 17% discount.

We liked the inclusion of a 30-day trial for each of the plans, but customers need to remember to cancel their trial before the 30 days is up; otherwise, they'll be billed automatically. No matter which plan you choose, you'll receive these benefits:

  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Identity Theft Insurance ($500,000 for Plus, $1 million for Premium)
  • U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialist
  • Identity Theft Monitoring and Alerts
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Address Change Verification

You’ll need to wait 48 hours after you sign up for the trial for monitoring to begin.

IdentityWorks Plus

As the basic plan, we liked that IdentityWorks Plus still features benefits that you'd only typically receive from a higher tier of service, such as dark web surveillance and social security number monitoring. However, you'll only be receiving monitoring and alerts for Experian and not the two other credit reporting agencies.

Along with all the features above, the IdentityWorks Plus plan comes with:


  • Experian CreditLock
  • Real-time credit inquiry alerts
  • Experian monitoring
  • Daily Experian FICO Score alerts
  • FICO Score simulator
  • Auto, Home, and Bankcard FICO Scores

IdentityWorks Premium

IdentityWorks Premium is a significant bump up from the Plus service that gives you credit monitoring and reporting from all three credit reporting agencies. It also comes with even more identity theft alerts and monitoring services so that you are completely secure.


  • Experian CreditLock
  • Real-time credit inquiry alerts
  • Financial Account activity alerts
  • Identity Validation alerts
  • Payday Loan monitoring
  • Court Records
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • File-Sharing Network Monitoring
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion monitoring
  • Quarterly FICO Scores for all three agencies
  • Daily Experian FICO Score alerts
  • FICO Score simulator
  • Auto, Home, and Bankcard FICO Scores

Products & Services Rating:


Two reasonably priced plans that provide extensive identity theft alerts and monitoring


Customers looking to save even more money could use a more basic plan


Experian provides two plan options that vary in price depending on how many people will use the service. You can use each plan on your own or pay for one adult with up to 10 children, or two adults with up to 10 children.

It’s a welcome addition to have a separate plan for single parents who may not have as large of a budget. Plans can be paid monthly or annually with a 17% discount for annual plans.

Package Name Cost for Indivdual Cost for One Adult & Children Cost for Two Adults & Children
IdentityWorks Plus $9.99/month (Individual) $14.99/month (One Adult & Children $19.99/month (Two Adults & Children)
IdentityWorks Premium $19.99/month (Individual) $24.99/month (One Adult & Children $29.99/month (Two Adults & Children)

Savings Opportunities

Although we couldn't find any savings opportunities or discounts on their website, we liked that you're able to try out the service through their 30-day free trial for the Plus or Premium plans. Customers will just need to remember to cancel the service if they're not happy with it before their credit card is automatically charged.

Experian also provides savings if customers can pay the annual fee with the 17% discount. However, you'll need to make sure that this is the right service for you.

Customers are also entitled to a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. No credit card is required, and it won't harm your credit by requesting a report. The free report may be all a customer needs to check on and repair their credit since Experian also provides free educational material on its website.

Cost Rating:


Free annual credit reports and discounts on yearly plans


There are no other discounts listed on the website

Customer Support and Reviews

On review sites such as Consumer Affairs and Wallet Hub, Experian has average to negative reviews. Many negative reviews come from customers who aren't happy with the results of Experian Boost, a tool that's supposed to help customers raise their credit scores by giving them credit for on-time utility and telecom payments they've paid in the past.

Because Experian offers a free version for some of their services, some customers felt that they were charged too early or without warning. Customers also experience frustration with customer support representatives who aren’t able to resolve their issues or answer their questions about credit scores dropping. Some people reported that their Experian credit score was lower compared to the other two credit bureaus.

Positive reviews come from customers who are happy with the variety of services they offer and the fact that services are reasonably priced. Customers also found that they resolve credit disputes faster than the other two reporting agencies.

I am working with the 3 major credit reporting agencies through a couple of disputes. Experian has completed 2 separate disputes faster than both other agencies have completed one. I am assuming the outcome will not always be what you want but the fact that they have completed my disputes way faster than what was expected (within a couple of days) makes me extremely happy. Hopefully the other reporting agencies will take note.

- Brandon of Fargo, ND

Experian IdentityWorks offers you with a wide variety of features when it comes to identity theft protection. They offers you with credit monitoring, Dark Web Surveillance, identity theft surveillance and alerts, social security number monitoring, the 3 bureaus monitoring, changes of address, FICO scores, even with the sex offender registry, lots of benefits other companies doesn’t have. They brings you information from the 3 bureau’s plus unique benefits like the ability to lock and unlock your Experian credit file with their Experian CreditLock feature and information about your FICO Score, two very important things that the competition doesn’t offer, reason I’m their customer.

- Emmanuel of Bronx, NY

Customer Service and Support Rating:


Customers are happy with the price and number of services available


More education needed about Experian Boost and customer service help

Company Background

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Experian was founded in 1996 to become one of the “Big Three” credit reporting companies of the United States. With offices in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Experian collects and aggregates information from 235 million U.S. consumers.

Today, Experian also offers consumers the ability to check their credit history online along with tools to protect them against identity theft. Their 17,000 employees in over 37 countries are committed to helping educate consumers about their credit reports to build financial independence.


Credit monitoring and identity theft services from one of the “Big Three” agencies


Focus more on repairing credit for lenders than credit security

The Bottom Line

If you're looking to repair your credit and receive identity theft monitoring and alerts, Experian may be the right choice. Through their simple dual-plan options, customers pay reasonable prices for monitoring that's as basic or as extensive as they wished. We also liked the inclusion of a plan tier for single parents who want to monitor their children's identities as well.

Using the 30-day free trial is a great way to allow customers to see if the service is right for them. After 48 hours, the free trial also includes monitoring and alerts like the paid plans.

The information featured on this page is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. This is not a guarantee. All information is subject to change. Pricing will vary based on various factors, including, but not limited to the customer’s location. For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase.

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