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Our Review

CPI is one of the top security providers in the Southeast, protecting homes and businesses with innovative solutions. The company’s inTouch systems allow customers to monitor their homes at all times, and customers are impressed with how video and the inTouch app work seamlessly with their security devices. You can customize a home security package to fit your needs and be feel assured with a No False Alarm Guarantee.

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Products & Services

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CPI offers a range of packages and services that cater to any customers’ needs as well as the size of their home or business. Packages offered can be customized, include high-tech devices with broad coverage or just the essentials to start your home security system. CPI has a line of inTouch devices with touchscreens and are impressively sleek and high-tech while providing optimal security. These devices include the SmartHub, the heart of your home security system, the free inTouch App that works seamlessly with all of your home security devices, and HD cameras with “IVAN” (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications), and the inTouch thermostat. Customers also get at least three sensors to cover your entryways and windows and a motion detector to monitor activity indoors. The app also offers real-time video, remote control, and the ability to talk to visitors and answer the door. Additional features include a touchscreen door lock, garage controller, fire communicator for added fire coverage, and the wireless control panel for those who opt-out of the inTouch Smart Hub. CPI also offers fire protection on its own and 24/7 monitoring with real-time responses in seconds.


Customize Your Security

Customers can create a security package with CPI that works how they need it. You can match high-tech security, video, and home automation devices with your home’s size and features so that you are fully protected. The customizable package includes the inTouch SmartHub, inTouch App, four door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a fire communicator. You also pick up to three devices among the inTouch HD Doorbell Camera, inTouch HD Outdoor Camera, inTouch HD Indoor Camera, inTouch 180 Camera, inTouch Thermostat, touchscreen door lock, and garage controller. This package gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is fully secured and that you own devices suitable for your specific living situation.

  • inTouch SmartHub included
  • inTouch App included
  • Four Door/Window sensors included
  • Motion detector included
  • Fire communicator included
  • inTouch HD Doorbell Camera
  • inTouch HD Camera w/ IVAN
  • inTouch HD Indoor Camera w/ IVAN
  • inTouch 180 Camera w/ IVAN
  • inTouch Thermostat
  • Touchscreen door lock
  • Garage controller

inTouch Essentials Plus

CPI’s inTouch Essentials Plus package is the premium home security package for those looking for high-tech devices that protect your entire home. You can know that your entire house is effectively monitored with CPI’s inTouch products that are easy to use and effective. With inTouch Essentials Plus, you get enough sensors to cover all of your bases, a touch screen SmartHub, and added fire safety. This package includes the inTouch SmartHub, inTouch App, four door/window sensors, a motion detector, and a fire communicator. Customers with bigger homes or want a technical upgrade would undoubtedly benefit from this package.

  • inTouch SmartHub
  • inTouch App
  • Four Door/Window sensors
  • Motion detector
  • Fire communicator

inTouch Essentials

The inTouch Essentials package with CPI is the basic option for home security. You get the essential devices you need to protect your home, and they work seamlessly with the inTouch app so you can monitor your home. inTouch Essentials secures the main entry points in your home with three door/window sensors, while the motion detector provides even more coverage indoors. The wireless control panel is the heart of your home security system and easily connects with your other devices. This is an excellent option for customers with small to average-sized homes, and don’t need any extra bells and whistles.

  • Wireless control panel
  • inTouch App
  • Three door/window sensors
  • Motion detector


  • inTouch 180 Indoor Camera
  • inTouch Indoor HD Camera
  • inTouch Doorbell Cameras
  • inTouch Outdoor HD Cameras
  • Stream Video Recorder (SVR)
  • Light Control plugs
  • Garage Control
  • inTouch Thermostat
  • Touchscreen Door Lock
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Fire Communicator
  • CO Detector
  • Water Sensor
  • Medical Pendant
  • Key Remote


24/7 Professional monitoring

CPI provides 24/7 monitoring services. The monitoring service includes an alarm response within seconds, all happening in real-time. It also includes a CPI No False Alarm Guarantee, so you can be assured that there will be no malfunctions, and the alarm will only go off in case of a real emergency. CPI’s Southeast Headquarters monitor the alarms with professionals who are ready to respond to any emergency.

  • 24-hour customer care from Southeast Headquarters
  • Alarm response in seconds
  • Exclusive Real-Time Response System
  • No False Alarm Guarantee

Fire protection

Fire protection is offered with CPI either included in your home security package or on its own. The fire communicator is monitored by CPI’s central station, offering notifications at the first detection of smoke. CPI verifies the emergency and dispatches the fire department, whether you’re home or not, so your home is protected continuously with quick response time.

  • Fire Communicator device
  • Monitored by CPI’s central station
  • Quick response and dispatch
  • High-tech products and services
  • Only one motion detector included in packages, which can be limiting for larger homes


empty starempty starempty starempty starempty star   3/5

The cost of CPI security systems can vary depending on the package and equipment. Monitoring rates start at $29.99 per month, and it’s encouraged that potential customers call to receive a quote. While the company isn’t transparent about costs upfront and online, customers have shared that costs are higher for those with high credit scores or don’t own their home. There can also be a $299 installation fee and other add-ons for renters, and customers are usually required to purchase at least $99 in monitoring equipment upfront. Financing is available, and contracts and payment options can vary based on the customer’s needs. New customers can also receive month to month agreements if you’re willing to purchase equipment upfront.

The CPI Service Plus Program includes a warranty program covering free replacement parts and installing your security system. The warranty protects you from normal wear-and-tear or equipment malfunctions, and you also get a free quality control inspection at your request. CPI also had a No False Alarm Guarantee, meaning the company will credit your account for any costs due to a false alarm.

Service Cost
24/7 Professional Monitoring Starting at $29.99/month
Equipment $99

*Additional costs vary based on credit, type of home, and equipment.

Savings Opportunities

CPI offers savings to customers with good credit, and homeowners also get lower costs compared to renters. Free quotes are provided if you call a CPI agent, and customers can also rest assured with the No False Alarm guarantee that credits their account with false alarm costs.

  • No False Alarm Guarantee
  • No upfront pricing

Customer Support and Reviews

Customer Support Rating:  
empty starempty starempty starempty starempty star   4.5/5

Customers of CPI agree that the high-tech devices and autonomous features of the home security system make them feel secure and protected. A big convenience is being able to use the app to monitor your home, speak to visitors and answer the door. Customers expressed that the video verification feature is also very impressive. The negative reviews shared that it’s challenging to get out of lengthy contracts, and costs can be expensive, especially for renters. While some existing customers shared that they feel undervalued, new customers commonly stated their customer service experiences were helpful and met with knowledge and friendliness.

Quote mark

Very pleased! We have been a CPI customer now for over 10 years, in 2 different homes. They have always given great customer service and technical support. I cant say enough good about them and would never even consider another company.

– Michael from NC

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We recently purchased a security system with CPI. Stephen McMahel explained the available features of the security system well. He followed up after the system was installed to make sure everything was working and answered our questions. We identified a couple of small issues with the system and Stephen promptly set up a follow up visit with a technician. Both issues were resolved to our satisfaction.

– L Z from CA

  • Impressed with equipment
  • Difficulty getting out of contracts

Company Background

CPI began in the Southeast over 25 years ago and continues to be one of the most popular home and business security systems in the region. While the company is still only offering services in the Southeastern United States, it has adapted to technological advances and remains an innovative competitor. CPI strives to provide customized security and automation to customers while assuring high-tech and efficient services. They pride themselves on their inTouch platform that keeps you connected to your home and business at all times.

  • Established company and brand
  • Small service area

The Bottom Line

CPI offers state of the art equipment to help you feel secure in your home or business, and even when you’re gone. The inTouch products provide advanced technology and automation, and home security packages are customizable to fit every customer’s needs. A No False Alarm Guarantee backs CPI’s 24/7 professional monitoring, and customers receive quick responses in seconds. Homeowners and business owners will feel safe and secure with CPI’s trusted home security packages and services.


The information featured on this page is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. This is not a guarantee. All information is subject to change. Pricing will vary based on various factors, including, but not limited to the customer’s location. For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase.